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Bulloch Dirt Works

Maxxis' Ray Bulloch Second in Pro Stock at Taft WORCS
Bulloch Racing's WORCS Racing Round 3 UTV Race Report

Cedar City, UT (2/24/2017) - Maxxis / Super ATV’s Ray Bulloch finished second in the Pro Stock SXS WORCS off road race at Honolulu Hills Raceway in Taft, CA on Sunday. Bulloch’s son Skyler won the SXS Youth 800 race in his Arctic Cat and Stockton Bulloch was third in the SXS Youth 250 Production race. Ray Bulloch finished 10th in the Pro SXS race on Saturday.

Ray Bulloch WORCS Racing
Maxxis' Ray Bulloch finished second in the Pro Stock SXS race, marking his second podium in three races

Heavy rains inundated the track on Friday and made for muddy racing conditions on Saturday. On Sunday, the track came around and made for a great event. Bulloch was quick out of the chute at the start of the Pro race, but like many competitors, the muddy racing surface slowed his charge. While running second, Bulloch experienced overheating problems due to a mud-clogged radiator, and then he lost a belt.

“I ran second and knew I had to hold it together with all of the carnage,” said Bulloch. “My car started overheating and I was literally reaching back with my hand to clear the radiator off. I got it out of limp mode on a downhill. Then I blew a belt on the next uphill. I ended up 10th and, with all of the chaos, I was happy. We’re going to tear that car down to the frame and completely rebuild it for the next race.”

The WORCS Pro Stock SXS race was a different story. With the track dried out, Bulloch charged hard as he paced the winner for most of the race before finishing second, marking his second podium in three races.

Ray Bulloch WORCS Racing
Super ATV's Ray Bulloch finished tenth in the Pro SXS race after struggling with overheating issues.

“We ran a good race,” said Bulloch. “The top four guys were flat getting it. We were pushing really hard. There were holes four to six feet deep and we were just bombing them. My Walker Evans shocks performed flawlessly. My HCR arms held up great and my Super ATV Rhino axles held together. The Maxxis tires with Tireblocks were an awesome combination again.”

Skyler Bulloch pulled off his second consecutive victory in the SXS Youth 800 Production race. Driving an Arctic Cat, he came out of a three-lap battle with the lead and cruised to victory.

Skyler Bulloch WORCS Racing
Maxxis' Skyler Bulloch pulling off his second consecutive victory in the SXS Youth 800 Production race.

“I was on the very outside at the start and I was worried about it, but I ended up pulling second and I battled with the leader for a good two or three laps,” said Bulloch. “I passed him and he lost his brakes so I won by a good bit. It was a really good race; we were battling hard. We figured out a lot of good stuff on the Arctic Cat and we haven’t had anything break this year. My Maxxis Tires with Tireblocks hooked up great.”

Stockton Bulloch WORCS Racing
HCR's Stockton Bulloch finished 3rd at Taft in the Youth 250 Production Class, which currently has him second in points just one point behind the leader

The Bulloch family next heads for the tight and fast track in Lake Havasu City, AZ. That rice is scheduled for March 17-19.

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Bulloch Dirt Works

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