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Bulloch Dirt Works

Ray Bulloch Takes Stock Points Lead at Havasu WORCS
Bulloch Racing's WORCS Rounds 4 & 5 UTV Race Report

Cedar City, UT (3/24/2017) - Maxxis/Super ATV’s Ray Bulloch debuted a new car in the Pro Class and overcame difficulties in the Pro Stock race during the WORCS doubleheader in Lake Havasu City, AZ. Despite difficulties, Bulloch now leads the Pro Stock title chase by five points.

Bulloch debuted a brand-new naturally aspirated Polaris RZR in the Pro class. Sporting a brand new bright yellow and blue graphics package, Bulloch led the first lap of the Pro race, but teething problems with the new ride slowed his charge.

Ray Bulloch WORCS Racing
Super ATV's Ray Bulloch debuted a new Polaris RZR build for Havasu

“We had a little case of new car blues in the Pro race,” said Bulloch. “We had some mechanical issues while running up front. We tried our best to at least get a finish, but we had some bad luck. We think we’ve worked out the kinks now and we’ll be ready for Vegas. We know we have something that will be competitive with the turbos.”

In Pro Stock, Bulloch was off like a bullet at the start. After a losing four-wheel drive at the end of the first lap, Bulloch fell to second and was well on his way to a podium finish when a driveshaft issue dropped him to seventh at the finish. Despite his difficulties, he took over the points lead.

Ray Bulloch WORCS Racing
Ray Bulloch now leads the Pro Stock UTV Title chase by five points

“We held second with two-wheel drive until the last lap and the shaft bore a hole in the clutch cover and broke the primary clutch,” explained Bulloch. “I got out, changed the belt, the car was stuck with the clutch in, and I managed it enough to get a finish. I was bummed out after the race. We had a podium spot for sure before we broke, but we took the points lead and we’re happy with that. We have good momentum going forward.”

Bulloch next heads to Las Vegas, a place close to his heart. In last year’s Vegas round, run on a similar indoor motocross-type course, Bulloch dominated both Pro events.

“Last year, we won both of the Pro races in Vegas,” said Bulloch. “We know the setup and we will be very competitive. We hope to maintain our lead in Pro Stock and get on the box in Pro.”

The race was a doubleheader for the amateurs and Bulloch’s sons Skyler and Stockton were both competitive during the weekend. Skyler Bulloch finished fourth and sixth in the SXS Youth 800 Production races.

Skyler Bulloch WORCS Racing
Skyler Bulloch finished fourth and sixth in the SXS Youth 800 Production races

“He got the holeshot in the first race and was running in the lead the entire race,” said Ray Bulloch. “He tipped over on the final lap and still came out fourth. In the second race, he ran second the entire race, but had a front end issue three corners from the finish. It was kind of a heartbreaker for him, but he’s still second in points.”

Stockton Bulloch finished fourth in Saturday’s race, but had a mechanical issue take him out in Sunday’s race. He took the difficulties in stride.

“Stockton was battling between second and third on Saturday and had a rear shock problem,” said Ray Bulloch. “Though he was beat up from the course, he went back out and got a finish. With some help from Walker Evans on the second day, he was running third, but had a steering rack issue put him back. He is still third in points.”

Stockton Bulloch WORCS Racing
Stockton Bulloch finished fourth in Saturday’s race, but had a mechanical issue take him out in Sunday’s race

Though the Bulloch family had its difficulties in Havasu, they are looking to bounce back at Las Vegas. The entire family did well there last year.

“Even though it was a heartbreaking weekend for all of us, we all came out good in points,” said Bulloch. “We will build on it. We all did well in Vegas last year, and we’re ready to come back and do well again.”

The Bulloch family will look to bounce back from a difficult weekend as they head to Las Vegas for the next WORCS race, being held at The Orleans March 31-April 2.

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Bulloch Dirt Works

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