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Goldspeeds’ Collins Webster Podiums at Havasu WORCS
WORCS Racing – Round Four – Lake Havasu City, AZ

Las Vegas, NV (3/22/2017) - Bad luck, a tough course and stiff competition were no match for Collins Webster’s Yamaha as he finished third in the WORCS Pro ATV race in Lake Havasu City, AZ. Webster notched his first podium of the season.

Webster had issues in practice that required him to swap frames from his practice to his race quad. Then, on the parade lap for the main, his chain broke. Despite starting from the pits, Webster drove through the field to finish third.

Collins Webster WORCS Racing
PEP / Goldspeed's Collins Webster finished third in the WORCS Pro ATV race in Lake Havasu City, AZ

“They started the race without me and I was four minutes down before I was ready to go,” said Webster. “I rode well, and I got a little lucky, but that’s racing. I was so far back, it didn’t seem like I passed anyone. I generally like sandy, sweeping corners, and it worked out in the end.”

Webster switched to Yamaha this year. Along with a new training program, Webster’s results continue to improve. “The Yamaha worked great,” said Webster. “We’ve been concentrating on the suspension and getting the bike more comfortable. It worked really well. The Goldspeed Tires worked really well. I’ve dropped ten pounds since the last race, and that’s helped a lot.”

Collins Webster WORCS Racing
Along with a new training program, Collins Webster’s results continue to improve as the season progresses

Despite lack of practice, Webster took a shot in the dark with his PEP suspension and it worked out. He ran a conservative pace to ensure back luck didn’t end his run early.

“We had to work for six hours to swap out the frames,” said Webster. “I only got a lap of practice so we guessed on the suspension setup and it worked out. Because of the chain issue, I avoided the lagoon jump and stayed low to keep the rocks out of the chain.”

Collins Webster WORCS Racing
Collins Webster is ready for the next round of the WORCS series, held in his hometown of Las Vegas, NV

Webster is ready for the next round in his hometown of Las Vegas. That race is being held at The Orleans and will feature a more big air track.

“We’re looking forward to the Orleans and racing so close to home,” said Webster. “It’s a little more of a motocross track and that should suit my style.”

Webster will be back in action as WORCS holds its next race March 31-April 2.

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PEP Suspension
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