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Collins Webster Scores 2nd Straight WORCS Pro Podium
Collins Webster's The Orleans Casino WORCS Pro ATV Race Report

Las Vegas, NV (4/6/2017) - Goldspeed’s Collins Webster snagged his second consecutive podium during the WORCS Pro ATV event at The Orleans Casino. Webster continues to showcase midseason consistency by snagging the podium in his hometown race.

Collins Webster WORCS Racing
PEP / Goldspeed's Collins Webster Scored his 2nd Straight WORCS Pro ATV Podium finish at Round 5 of the Pro Class

The event is unique on the WORCS schedule in that the circuit comprises sections both inside the casino’s arena and outside in the parking lots. Featuring changing surfaces that included hard-packed dirt, asphalt, logs, tractor tires and even a big air jump, Webster credited his Goldspeed tires for the successful run.

“The Goldspeed Tires were definitely up to the challenge today,” said Webster. “With all of the different surfaces, it was key to have a tire that worked everywhere, and the Goldspeed Tires were perfect today.”

Webster also credited changes made to his PEP suspension. With no data coming into the event, Webster made changes based on the two laps he had in practice.

Collins Webster WORCS Racing
PEP / Goldspeed's Collins Webster charged his way over tires in The Orleans Casino Arena

“We had two laps of practice and it was soft and rolling,” said Webster. “I called Jaimie and Wayne from Pep and made some shock and tire pressure adjustments, which really made a big difference.”

Webster is hoping that troubles early in the season are behind him now. Webster switched to a Yamaha this year and has been adjusting to the new ride all season.

“We had a rough start, but it’s turning around,” said Webster. “We had to learn the bike setup; I’ve been riding a different brand for so many years and it’s tough to learn the new bike. But we’re getting better and better.”

Webster came into the event without having ridden since the last race in Havasu. A podium finish was made sweeter by doing it front of hometown friends and family.

Collins Webster WORCS Racing
Collins Webster's 2nd Straight Podium finish has boosted him to just two points behind 3rd Place in the Pro ATV Points

“I was racking my brain all day because I haven’t ridden since the last race,” said Webster. “So I was jittery. After all of that, it feels good to podium in my hometown. I’ve always done well in Sand Hollow, so it should be a pretty good race.”

Webster will install Goldspeed sand tires for the next race, one of his favorites among the events on the WORCS calendar.

“I’ve always done well in Sand Hollow, so it should be a pretty good race,” said Webster. “We’ll be running sand tires for the first time so that should definitely give us an edge.”

Webster will be back in action as WORCS heads to Sand Hollow in Hurricane, UT April 21-23.

2017 Collins Webster Sponsors:
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PEP Suspension
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