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CST Tires
CST’s Beau Baron Rolls a Pair of Deuces at Las Vegas
Beau Baron’s The Orleans Casino WORCS ATV & UTV Race Report

Atascadero, CA (4/5/2017) - CST Tires’ Beau Baron finished second in both the Pro ATV and Pro SXS races during the WORCS event at The Orleans in Las Vegas. He finished 10th in the Pro Stock SXS race, but holds second in points in that class.

Beau Baron WORCS Racing
CST Tires’ Beau Baron Takes 2nd Place finishes in both the Pro ATV & Pro SXS Races at The Orleans Casino WORCS event

The event was held on a special circuit created inside The Orleans Arena and the surrounding parking lots. The track featured varied terrain, comprising pavement, hard-packed dirt, a log section, a sand pit and even a motocross-style jump.

In the Pro ATV race, Baron ran down the leader early in the race and was one of the few riders able to double the motocross jump. He tried every line and every trick to get the lead, but settled for second. Baron had won every race prior to this weekend and continues to be an odds-on favorite for the ATV title this season.

Beau Baron WORCS Racing
CST Tires’ Beau Baron battled bumper to bumper for the lead nearly the entire Pro ATV Race, but wasn't able to make the pass for the win

“He had all of the lines dialed,” explained Baron. “The only thing I could do that he couldn’t was double the jump in the arena. But with him in front of me, I couldn’t double it. On the last lap or two, I bent my bumper on him and I couldn’t get him to move. There was just nothing I could do. He was solid to the finish, and my hat is off to him.”

The track was significantly different than anything else on the WORCS tour. Baron’s CST Tires worked great on the pavement sections, as well as in the dirt.

“The event is cool, but it was like coming into the unknown,” said Baron. “The CST Tires are awesome. The rears worked so well, especially. I couldn’t see running anything else here, especially considering the different surfaces. The Elka suspension worked great and the Sparks Racing engine rips. It’s got a lot of mid range and the bike just pulls. I didn’t win today, but it still felt like a win because I didn’t make any mistakes. I’m still gaining a points lead.”

Baron survived a carnage-filled Pro SXS race and recorded his first podium of the season in the class. He held back at the start, let others take themselves out and relied on his superior traction to take the runner-up slot.

Beau Baron WORCS Racing
ELKA’s Beau Baron scored another podium finish in the Pro SXS class in the 2nd spot

“I tried driving it like a go-kart and get as much traction as I could in the turns,” said Baron. “My CST Tires were working great. They just had so much traction. The chassis and the setup are awesome. Mark Holz does a great job making these cars bulletproof. Polaris makes a good car to start with and Mark makes it even better.”

Baron is hitting his stride after a difficult start to the SXS season. Despite that, he still sits fifth in points and has a legitimate shot at both the Pro and Pro Stock titles.

“Things didn’t turn out like I wanted to early in the season, but I’m coming back,” said Baron. “If I have a little bit of luck and some other people don’t, I’ll be there for the championship. There is no reason we can’t fight to the finish and get both championships.”

Baron will be back in action as WORCS heads east April 21-23 to Sand Hollow State Park in Hurricane, UT.

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Beau Baron 2017 ATV Sponsors:
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CST Tires

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