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Blown Belt Slows David Haagsma at Iron Mine WORCS
H&M Motorsports’ David Haagsma WORCS Pro UTV Race Report

Bakersfield, CA (5/25/2017) - H&M Motorsports’ David Haagsma was well on his way to another victory when a broken drive belt took him out of contention on the final lap of the WORCS Pro SXS race at Iron Mine Race Park in Cedar City, UT. Though he finished 13th, he retains the points lead going into the final three races of the season.

Haagsma had first gate pick and grabbed the holeshot at the start in his naturally aspirated car. He lost the lead to a turbo car on one of the track’s wide-open sections, but stayed in contention, taking the lead on the final lap. Without warning, the drive belt broke on his car taking him out of the race.

David Haagsma WORCS World Finals
Sparks’ David Haagsma grabbed the Pro SXS Holeshot on the front row

“The naturally aspirated RZRs do a little better off the start than the turbos,” said Haagsma. “I hooked up and got the holeshot. I held it through the motocross track, but once we got into the open section of the track, Ryan got past me, and I couldn’t really do anything about it. I tried to stay with him and toward the end of the race I started to catch him. On the very last lap, I passed Ryan and then about 20 seconds later I blew up the belt. That ended my race.”

Though not happy with his finish, Haagsma took solace in the face that he holds the lead in Pro points heading into the next race. He has a 14-point lead in the title chase.

David Haagsma WORCS World Finals
David Haagsma suffered a belt failure on the final lap, but he still holds a 14 points lead in the championship points race

“This is not the race I wanted, but I still have a decent points lead,” said Haagsma. “We have to do well the next races.”

Haagsma is driving a naturally aspirated car in a class that allows turbocharging. Though he is enjoying the reliability of the engine, he is not down on power by much due to SPARKS Racing.

David Haagsma WORCS World Finals

“The turbos have a little more top speed, but SPARKS has my engine running great,” said Haagsma. “I passed Ryan going through the rough stuff and I kept up my momentum. Overall, the car was great, but it’s just hit or miss when you’re going to break a belt.”

Haagsma will be back and ready for more as the WORCS Series next heads to Glen Helen Raceway in Devore, CA. That race is scheduled for June 16-18.

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H&M Motorsports

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