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DWT Wheels and Tires

DWT Announces Nearly $400K in 2017 Contingency

Vista, CA (1/19/2017) - The contingency program awards ATV & UTV racers that achieve success while racing on DWT products. Nearly four hundred thousand dollars is on the table this season for participants in ATV and UTV classes.

To be eligible to earn contingency awards racers must:
  1. Use 4 DWT wheels AND 4 DWT tires in select ATV race series & T.O.R.C. series; or 4 DWT wheels OR 4 DWT tires in select UTV race series (excluding T.O.R.C. series)
  2. 4 DWT Logos must be prominently displayed on the vehicle in each race. See contingency forms for specifications.
  3. A completed contingency form must be signed by the tech official at each round’s tech inspection (forms without an official signature will not be accepted).
  4. An official printout of the race results clearly showing your name.
  5. A completed W9 form (1 per year – available online).
  6. Proof of purchase.
  7. Race among a minimum of 10 racers per class

In order to claim your DWT Contingency Award, be sure to send in your completed form no later than 30 days from the day of the event. Participants will be responsible for tax and shipping fees. DWT contingency awards must be redeemed within 12 months of earning them. Only 1 contingency submission per racer, per weekend, per set of tires with respective proof of purchase will be eligible for award.

You may submit your required items by e-mail (sponsorship@dwtracing) or by mail to:
1340 North Melrose Drive,
Vista, CA 92083

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