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Mills 3 Off-Road Racing

Jason Meckler Wins and Podiums at Havasu WORCS
Jason Meckler’s WORCS Rounds 4 & 5 Race Report

Las Vegas, NV (3/24/2017) - M3 Racing’s Jason Meckler scored a victory and a second-place finish during the WORCS SXS 1000 doubleheader in Lake Havasu City, AZ. Driving a center seat Polaris RZR built by Owens Motorsports, Meckler now sits second in points, just 16 points out of the lead.

During the first race on Saturday, Meckler got a great start, but his RZR popped out of gear and he pulled off. Quickly realizing the issue, he restarted dead last and drove through the field to net the runner-up finish.

Jason Meckler WORCS Racing
Owen Motorsports' Jason Meckler scored a victory and a second-place finish during the WORCS SXS 1000 doubleheader in Lake Havasu City, AZ

“I thought I had broken down,” explained Meckler. “I got back on track in last and had to drive through the field to finish second. I picked them off one by one. The GBC Dirt Commanders worked great. I didn’t have a single problem and they hook up really well. The Radflo suspension was great and it rides like a Cadillac.”

In Sunday’s race, Meckler took second at the start, and was quickly in the lead. He then hit the lagoon jump on the final lap to hold off a charging driver behind him.

“I came off the line second and powered through, taking the lead in the fourth turn,” said Meckler. “I hit the lagoon jump on the last lap. I had someone pushing me, and I needed to get a gap. I tried not to hit it because the landing is iffy. I am stoked. I’m hoping to keep up this trend this year.”

To win, one must first have a competitive car. Meckler’s was built by Owens Motorsports for M3 Racing and was campaigned by the Mills team last season.

Jason Meckler WORCS Racing
In Sunday’s race, Addict Racing's Jason Meckler took second at the start & quickly moved into the lead for the win

“It’s been a great car,” said Meckler. “The Owens Motorsports cage is excellent and the car is built well. I can hit the jumps hard and know it will hold together. Addict Racing gave me the power I needed and the Raceline Wheels held together perfectly because I broke a wheel here last year that wasn’t a Raceline Wheel, so it feels good to have a reliable wheel and tire package this year.”

Meckler brought the space age technology to the deep sand and rocks of Havasu this weekend. His ride featured parts that had been cryogenically treated and micropolished by new sponsor CryoHeat.

“They have done cryo treatment and micro polishing to my transmission and other parts of the car,” said Meckler. “It’s fancy work and I recommend it to anyone.”

Meckler will be back in action as the series heads to his hometown of Las Vegas for a race at The Orleans March 31-April 2.

Mills 3 Off-Road Racing

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