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Katie V Racing

Katie Vernola Takes Tenth Overall in WORCS Pro Class
WORCS Racing SXS World Finals Race Report

San Clemente, CA (2/15/2017) – Super ATV/King Shocks/Fuel Offroad’s Katie Vernola competed in WORCS side by side championship weekend. Vernola went 9-9 for tenth overall in the Pro class. This was the first time the WORCS Series has held a weekend dedicated to only side by side racing.

Katie Vernola WORCS Racing Polaris RZR Turbo
Polaris / Super ATV / Fuel Off-Road's Katie Vernola takes tenth overall in Pro at WORCS SXS World Finals Doubleheader

The weekend consisted of a double header with a short course race on Saturday and a standard dessert course on Sunday. Unfortunately, rain moved into the area on Friday, which made for a muddy track on Saturday despite clear skies. Sunday brought more rain and even worse track conditions for the second race of the weekend.

With the challenging conditions, car setup was the key to success. Vernola’s Super ATV, King Shocks, and Fuel Offroad wheels and tires proved to be a winning combination. “I was going through rocks, to heavy sand, to mud. It was the worst terrain you can think of, and for the tires to be able to handle all that it really sells itself,” stated Vernola.

It was a big weekend for Vernola, as it officially began her move to a Pro class career from the Women’s class. “I am still fairly new to this compared to my competitors, but my sponsors want me to run with the best of the best. I might not be at the top like I was in Women’s, but I will be working my butt off chasing the top, and that will make me a better driver in the end.”

Katie Vernola WORCS Racing Polaris RZR Turbo
Katie Vernola's finished in 9th place finish both days of the WORCS SxS World Finals

Friday’s practice session and qualifying was cancelled due to the muddy conditions. Therefore racers drew a number to determine their starting position. Despite drawing last place, Vernola’s positivity did not falter.

“I knew all I could do was work my way up so that is exactly what I did. Once the start went off mud and tear offs went flying. I knew I had to try to keep it clean and smooth. I went from the very back to the middle. I know I moved up some so all I can do is be happy,” explained Vernola.

Vernola plans to continue racing as much as she can. “The rest of the WORCS season is up in the air. I am just going to attend all the races that I can, and try to get some seat time to become a better driver.”

Watch for Vernola to continue improving and turning heads this season as she goes head to head with the top side by side racers in the country.

2017 Katie Vernola Racing Sponsors:
Polaris Industries, Super ATV, Fuel Off Road, Got Sand Performance, KING, Addict Racing, BAJA Designs, K&N, P.C.I, Fuel Safe, Miller Sign Corp, Cryo Heat, XTC Power Products, K1 RaceGear, Maverick Powder Coat

Katie V Racing

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