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Mills 3 Off-Road Racing

Mills3 Racing Overcomes Setup Issues at Tough Redbud
TORC Series • Rounds 9 & 10Red Bud Pro UTV Race Report

Monroe, NC (8/16/2017) - Mills3 Racing continued its growth during its rookie season in the TORC Off Road Championship. Father and son racers Chris and Payton Mills battled through rough track conditions during the Rumble at Redbud at Redbud MX in Buchanan, MI. The Mills3 team is running in the Pro Modified and Pro Stock UTV classes, driving Yamaha YXZ 1000s.

Chris Mills TORC Off Road Championship
Addict Racing's Chris Mills finished just outside the top ten both days of the TORC doubleheader at Red Bud

The doubleheader weekend was held on a specially built course constructed just adjacent to Redbud’s famous motocross track. The sandy soil and tight course proved difficult for all the teams here and setup was a tough nut to crack.

Chris Mills TORC Off Road Championship

Suspension setup was troublesome for the team, but they soldiered on and ran competitive races. Chris Mills finished 11th and 12th in the Pro Modified races and battled through both 10-lap races.

“Our setup just didn’t work this weekend,” explained Chris Mills. “We had some dialing to learn. Once we get that figured out, we’ll be good. Redbud was a lot of fun. It’s legendary and it was challenging, but it was rough. The dirt is different. It was sandy and soft. It was challenging, but I had some the best battles I’ve ever had in TORC. We’re doing the best we can and we’re learning the car.”

Chris Mills TORC Off Road Championship
"Whether it's for praying or talking with young fans, I always feel better after being on my knees!!! Times like these humbles this old man!!! Thanks to TORC- The Off Road Championship series for allowing the fans to have open access to the pits," said Chris Mills

Payton Mills was walking wounded all weekend. During Friday practice his car bottomed out over a jump. Despite severe neck and head pain, the younger Mills toughed it out in the Pro Stock class.

Payton Mills TORC Off Road Championship
Liqui Moly 's Payton Mills on the gas with Chris Mills looking on from the sidelines

“It was a downhill and I landed on a bump,” said Payton Mills. “It was bad. My suspension bottomed out and it hit the skid plate and totally stopped me. My head and neck were hurt and I really didn’t feel 100% this weekend. I was just taking it easy because I was hurting so bad. I just tried to salvage some points and make the most out of the weekend.”

The Mills next head to Crandon. Both are looking forward to racing at the vaunted track, known for its challenging racing and huge crowds.

Payton Mills TORC Off Road Championship

“We’ve talked about it this morning and we’re happy to have both cars running so we’ll be ready for Crandon,” said Chris Mills. “This will be the biggest race we’ve been involved in and we’re really looking forward to it.”

Connor Wood TORC Off Road Championship
Connor Wood made his return to TORC racing at Red Bud after he was surprised with a new Yamaha ride when he arrived at the track

Mills3 Racing is already working on their notes and will be ready for action as TORC heads to Crandon International Off-Road Raceway in Wisconsin September 1-2.

Mills 3 Off-Road Racing

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