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Sorensen Motorsports

Sorensen Family Scores Big in Honolulu Hills WORCS
WORCS Round Three UTV Race Report

Las Vegas, NV (2/24/2017) - With three sibling drivers, six classes and two different manufacturers among them, the Sorensen family had a blast during round three of the WORCS off road championship at Honolulu Hills Raceway. Amanda, Branden and Camren all competed in the SXS classes at the track, driving both Polaris and Yamaha machines.

Leading the charge was Amanda Sorensen. She finished second in the SXS 1000 class with her Yamaha YXZ. In the process, she took the points lead.

Amanda Sorensen WORCS Racing
Amanda Sorensen took over the SxS 1000 class points lead with a 2nd place finish at Round 3

“It was a good race,” said Amanda of the SXS 1000 event. “I didn’t start too well, but I took the lead. Then on the last corner, I rolled over and the second-place driver took the win. I finished with a solid second, but that puts me first in points. The GBC Dirt Commander tires really held together because there were some gnarly ruts out there. I’ll be ready for Havasu.”

Sorensen won the first two rounds in the Women’s class, but lost a clutch while battling for the lead here. She drives a Polaris RZR in that class. Switching between the two cars makes for an interesting racing weekend, especially considering the Yamaha uses a manual gearbox.

Amanda Sorensen WORCS Racing
Amanda Sorensen is currently 4th in the Women SXS Class after having issues at Honolulu Hill's

“It’s a big change to go from the Polaris to the Yamaha,” said Sorensen. “I was a little nervous to hit the step-up at first. I just hit and it flew pretty well. This car is brand new. We got her a few weeks ago from DASA, put our old cage on it, put some number plates on and called her good. It’s really important to have DASA behind us. They make sure our motors are running well.”

Branden Sorensen is racing his Polaris RZR Turbo on a waiver in SXS Production Turbo 1000, a class he won here. The victory, plus a second-place and a fourth-place finish in the first two rounds, puts him first in points.

Branden Sorensen WORCS Racing
Branden Sorensen finished first in the SXS Production Turbo 1000 class on his Polaris RZR

“I got in the lead and just held it the whole time,” said Branden. “We had the ECU flashed and all of our stuff done. The car really ran well. It was definitely slippery in some spots, but it was fun. The turbo is definitely a lot faster. It clears the jumps and flies a lot further.”

Branden also finished fourth in SXS 1000 Stock. Driving a Yamaha, he rebounded from taking a turn too wide to net the top five.

Branden Sorensen WORCS Racing
Branden Sorensen grabbed the holeshot in the SXS 1000 Stock Class with his Yamaha

“It’s definitely different in the Yamaha with all of the shifting,” said Branden. “The cars definitely handle differently. These guys on our team work their butts off. They have taught me a lot. Without them we wouldn’t be here.”

The youngest of the Sorensen clan is five-year-old Camren. Racing in SXS Youth 250 Stock and the Youth Unclassified events, Sorensen already interviews like a pro.

Camren Sorensen WORCS Racing
Camren Sorensen raced in the SXS Youth 250 Stock Class

“I ran off the course one time,” said Camren Sorensen. “I waited for like 20 minutes, and someone showed up to help. They called the tow truck out and it didn’t go as fast I expected. They pulled me out and I got back into the race. I like the track. I like racing it because it’s a challenge for me.”

The Sorensen family will be ready as WORCS heads into round four, scheduled for March 17-19th in Lake Havasu City, AZ.

Sorensen Motorsports

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