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Sorensen Motorsports

Sorensen’s Takes Two Wins at Iron Mine WORCS
Amanda Takes SXS Women’s Win, Branden Wins SXS Stock 1000

Las Vegas, NV (5/25/2017) - Sorensen Motorsports’ Amanda Sorensen rolled into Iron Mine Race Park in a new Yamaha YXZ 1000 and came out a winner as she scored her third victory in the SXS Women’s class this season with a last minute pass for the win, which broke a five race win streak by the points leader. Sorensen’s brother Branden won the SXS Stock 1000 class, and finished second in the SXS Production Turbo class.

Amanda Sorensen WORCS Racing
Amanda Sorensen secured her third win of the season in the Women's SXS Class at the Iron Mine WORCS

With challenging and dusty conditions, Sorensen competed in one of the most exciting events of the weekend. Taking on the track’s hard-packed sand with the HiPer Wheels, the three different whoop sections with the RCV Performance Axle's, and the track’s vaunted ski jumps with her Fox suspension, Sorensen was able to battle her way to the front of the pack competing with the Women’s points leader Jennifer Broughton throughout the final lap.

Throwing a block pass on Broughton in the last turn of the last lap, she took the lead as the checkered flag waved giving her the victory. The physical move thrilled the capacity crowd on hand.

“The dust was definitely a big challenge, and unfortunately being behind five cars due to issues on the start made it more difficult, but I had confidence and began passing the competition one by one working my way to the top.” said Sorensen. “I got around Jen on the last turn. It was so close, but it was a great race! By pulling an outside-inside pass on her in the last turn of the last lap I was able to take the win!”

Amanda Sorensen WORCS Racing
GBC's Amanda Sorensen battled her way into the lead with a last turn pass on the Women's class points leader

Sorensen’s family worked hard to get her here in the new Yamaha. “We worked hard for this as a family and team, and being able to come back and take home some wins after the short brake we took from the WORCS series felt great!” said Sorensen.

The YXZ differs from many SXS race cars due to its sequential transmission. The setup requires the driver to shift while running, an aspect of the machine Sorensen appreciates. “I love the Yamaha, it allows me to be in more control and more involved. It definitely makes for a better race.”

A family team, Sorensen actually ran the Fox Shocks from her brother’s car. The setup gave her the competitive edge in the end. “We changed up the shocks before the race,” said Sorensen. “The Fox Shocks are the way to go. The GBC tires were great.”

Sorensen ran the Fox Shocks. The setup gave her the competitive edge in the end. “The Fox Shocks are the way to go, they keep the ride to victory as smooth as can be, absorbing the small and big things that cross my way. Also my GBC tires were great, getting me through the sandy and the slick muddy parts of the track, giving me the best of both worlds." said Sorensen. "I was super stoked to now be running my new HiPer wheels, making my car lighter and providing me with the strongest wheels for my Yamaha.”

Amanda Sorensen WORCS Racing
Amanda Sorensen gives credit to her FOX suspension for allowing her to charge through the whoops and big jumps at Iron Mine Race Park

The Sorensen’s are running the new F-Spec series wheel featuring Flow Form technology, an industry first in the UTV 15-inch wheel category. This new manufacturing process not only adds strength, but unmatched quality to the newest line of UTV wheels from HiPer. Flow Form technology produces a wheel that is 20% stronger, yet 15% lighter than cast wheels, benefiting Sorensen in multiple ways.

The SXS Stock 1000 class was loaded with 36 drivers, Branden Sorensen took the holeshot, lost the lead briefly. Sorensen and the leader pulled away from the rest of the pack, and after constant pressure on the leader he made a simple mistake and took an off camber turn too fast and put the car on its side. After this mistake Sorensen took the lead and was able to extend his lead through every lap. With the largest field of racers in the SXS classes he was able to finish the race with a 62 second lead. He also finished second in the SXS Production Turbo 1000 class.

Branden Sorensen WORCS Racing
Branden Sorensen charged his way into the lead in the SXS 1000 Stock class to take the win on Saturday

On Sunday, Sorensen raced his Polaris RZR Turbo. Sorensen pulled second off the line and kept the leader in his sight. After waiting till the last lap to make the pass he noticed with his AIM digital dash his belt temperature had gone up when he started to put the pressure on the leader and decided to back off he stated “my belt temperature started going up and I decided to take a second and finish the race rather than risk the race.”

Branden Sorensen WORCS Racing
HiPer Racing's Branden Sorensen went on to take a 2nd place finish in the Turbo class on Sunday to go along with his win on Saturday

“This was refreshing,” said Sorensen. “Hopefully we can pull off more wins this season. Providing me with the smoothest ride my Fox suspension easily brought me through all three sections of the whoops and giving me the strongest wheels of them all my HiPer wheels took me to the victory Lane. I’m glad to be back racing in the WORCS Series and I'm looking forward to the rest of this season." stated Sorensen.

The Sorensen family will be back in action as the series next heads to Glen Helen Raceway in Devore, CA. The Father’s Day Weekend race is scheduled for June 16-18.

Sorensen Motorsports

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