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2010 Yamaha YFZ450R SE & Raptor 700R SE ATV Unveiled

2010 Yamaha YFZ450R SE & Raptor 700R SE ATV Ride Review

Glamis, CA (1/28/2010) - Yamaha kicked off 2010 with their eight annual Special Edition Sport ATV ride at the Imperial Sand Dunes in California, which has become one of the most anticipated ride events of the year for those lucky enough to attend.

For the past two days, we had the opportunity to rip up the Glamis Sand Dunes on the recently released, Yamaha YFZ450R SE and the Raptor 700R SE models, which are both right at home in the sand, and we logged countless hours of riding on these new Special Edition Yamaha sport ATV models during our stay.

2010 Yamaha YFZ450R SE & Raptor 700R SE ATV
2010 Yamaha Special Edition Midnight Blue YFZ450R (above left) & White / Red Raptor 700R (above right)

Unlike in years past when there were two colors schemes available, there is only one SE color scheme available for the 2010 Yamaha YFZ450R and Raptor 700R, The Raptor 700R SE is available in a White / Red color scheme with special graphics and seat cover, and it features a wave-style rear disc brake along with a GYTR front grab bar and heel guards.

Yamaha Raptor 700R SE ATV
Yamaha Raptor 700R SE ATV
Raptor 700R SE GYTR Heel Guards
Raptor 700R SE GYTR Front Bumper

The YFZ450R SE model is available in Midnight Blue with special graphics, and it also features a black swing arm, and GYTR black front bumper and quick release fender fasteners for quicker plastic removal. Also, new for 2010 on the YFZ450R is a remapped FI system, which is now utilizes the same mapping curve as the newly released YFZ450X.

2010 Yamaha YFZ450R ATV
2010 Yamaha YFZ450R ATV
The YFZ450R SE also comes with a GYTR black front bumper & it features a blue frame and gold shock springs & chain
The YFZ450R SE comes with Zues style clips fasteners for quicker fender removal without any tools

As usual the Yamaha Special Edition models really catch your attention with a great combination of colors and slick graphics to complete the package, but these ATVs are not meant to just sit and look pretty, so we put them to the test in the biggest sand box the United States has to offer.

Glamis Sand Dunes California
The Glamis Sand Dunes were showing plenty of wear from a weekend of riding when we arrived on Tuesday afternoon
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