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2008 KTM 525XC ATV & Tim Farr's 450XC Race ATV Revealed


Greenbrier, AK (6/9/2007) - KTM officially announced the upcoming release of their new Sport ATV on Friday, and on the same day, Tim Farr arrived in Greenbrier, Arkansas for the opening round of the 2007 Extreme Dirt Track Series with a KTM 525XC and 450XC Sport ATV.

The KTM525XC ATV remained in stock trim and was on display in front of the Tim Farr’s KTM pit area, and the KTM450XC was being converted into a TT Racing machine. Tim Farr unfortunately wouldn’t be able to defend his title in the Pro ATV Class because the KTM ATV hasn’t been released to the public as of yet, so he signed up to compete in the Pro-Am Unlimited Class with the KTM 450XC Sport ATV.

The KTM 525XC was finally available for the public to view in Tim Farr’s pit area, so we took advantage of the opportunity to snap a ton of photos of the new sport ATV and check out what it will have to offer right off the showroom floor.

Unlike the recently released KFX450 & DS450, the KTM 450 & 525 Sport ATVs utilize a steel frame and only a removal aluminum sub-frame instead of an all aluminum frame, but based on early released numbers the KTM still weighs in a 356lbs. Also, the 450XC & 525XC appears to utilize the same exact chassis, so these models are virtually identical.

The one thing we did notice about the frame is that almost every bolt is a torx head bolt, which are nice addtion and gaining in pouplarity because they are allow for quicker assembly, but for those without torx-head drivers, they can still use conventional tools on most of the bolts because they are combination bolts with 6point heads.

The 525XC was equipped with Caster & Camber adjustable Front A-Arms and they are designed to provide maximum ground clearance through out the Suspension stroke with curved lower A-Arms. Ohlins dual rate piggy back shocks with preload, compression, and rebound adjustability are installed up front. It has been released that the front end has 11 inches of wheel travel. In the rear, the KTM 525 utilizes a no-link Ohlins PDS resevoir shock with preload, compression, and rebound adjustability as well, and the no-link design is a first among 450 Sport ATVs.

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