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ATV MX Championship
Ironman Raceway
Crawfordsville, IN
May 14, 2017

AMA ATV Motocross Championship

Ironman Raceway Amateur ATV Motocross Report

Crawfordsville, IN (5/24/2017) - The 2017 AMA ATV Motocross National Championship series made its return to Ironman MX in Crawfordsville, IN on May 13-14th. The weekend was packed full of intense racing as the fastest amateur racers around the country lined the gates with their sights set on the top of the podium.

Pro-Am was once again one of the top races to watch. Spectators lined the fences as this talent packed class took to the track. Parker Wewerka was the star of the show, going 1-1 for first overall and maintaining his undefeated record this season. Wewerka was up front early in moto one but had his work cut out for him in moto two. After coming around seventh on the first lap, he managed to keep cool and pick off riders one by one until he made it to first place on the eighth lap, and cruised to the win.

Haedyn Mickelson fought his way to second in Pro Am with 2-3 moto finishes. Mickelson has been building all season and it finally all came together as he took his first Pro Am podium. “I had an amazing start first moto. I pulled the holeshot and led about four or five laps. Second moto I came out of the gate decently, and ran in first place for a few laps. It’s my first podium in Pro Am ever, and especially for it to be a second place I am super happy,” stated Mickelson.

Westley Wolfe took third in Pro Am with 4-2 moto finishes. Wolfe battled his way through two intense motos, swapping positions often and even managed to lead several laps of moto two. Wolfe is second in the championship points and has stayed on the podium each round.

In the Pro Sport class Noah Mickelson, Haedyn Mickelson, and Peyton Zimmerman battled it out for the win. Ultimately, it was Noah Mickelson who took home the win with 2-1 moto finishes. “It’s a big confidence booster knowing you can pull off a win like that. There are a lot of fast kids in that class,” explained Mickelson.

The very respectable second place Pro Sport finish went to Peyton Zimmerman with 1-2 moto finishes. Despite missing the first two rounds, Zimmerman is fourth in the championship points and only 19 down from the leader.

Haedyn Mickelson, older brother to Noah Mickelson, shared the podium with his brother after taking third overall in Pro Sport. Mickelson won his heat race and took third in the final moto. All together, the Mickelson brothers took home an impressive four total podiums over the weekend, two of which were wins.

Andrea Berger took her first overall win in the WMX class. Berger dominated the class, taking first place in both motos and winning by over six seconds in each race. Berger sits third place in the championship points.

Kiersten Keane stayed strong and consistent to take second place overall in WMX with two second place moto finishes. Keane is second place in points, just three down from the leader, JoHannah Vossman. However, Vossman took a crash at Ironman and suffered injuries serious enough to keep her out for the season. “I had the scariest wreck of my life Sunday at Ironman. I ended up with multiple breaks throughout my back and tons of roadrash,” explained Vossman.

Michelle Jenkins rounded out the WMX podium with third overall and consistent 3-3 moto finishes. Jenkins also competed in the Women 25+ where she went 1-1 for the overall win.

Troy Hill clinched the win in Production A with 2-1 moto finishes and remains undefeated in the class this season. “I’m really looking forward to the little break and putting the work in for Muddy. I can’t thank my team enough for everything they do for me,” explained Hill.

Cody Ford out of Texas took second in Production A. Ford finished first in moto one and second in moto two. It was a battle to the finish in moto two. Ford led the first four laps and put down the fastest time of the class, but lost the lead on the last lap of the race. Ford finished just 1.7 seconds down from the leader, just barely missing the overall win.

Tommy Vossman took his first Production A podium finish of the season with third overall and is third in the championship points. “It’s not exactly where I want to be, but being consistent is important. The bike, my team, and myself felt and worked great this weekend and I am looking forward to the next round,” said Vossman.

In the Open B class Eli Lingle rode his Honda to first overall for the third time in a row this season. Lingle has dominated the class, going undefeated and leading the championship points by 27 already.

Brandon O Neill came in second behind Lingle with consistent 2-2 moto finishes and Ty Hudson rounded out the Open B podium in third with 1-3 moto finishes.

The Veteran 30+ class saw some great battles. Greg Meeks took second in the first moto but came back to win moto two for first overall in the first national event he attended this season. Meeks also took second in Senior 40+.

Sebastian Foche from Argentina rode his Yamaha to second overall. Foche put his head down for a strong ride and went 3-2 for his position on the podium.

Coming in third overall was Federico Palacios with 4-3 moto finishes. Palacios is third in the championship points race.

The 2017 AMA ATV Motocross National Championship will next bring racers to Blountville, TN at Muddy Creek Raceway on June 3-4.

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