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2012 GNCC ATV Racing Series
Round #2 - The General
Washinton, GA
March 17, 2012

Can-Am GNCC Racing - Grand National Cross Country Racing Series

Chris Borich Wins Two in a Row at Maxxis General GNCC
Yamaha's Taylor Kiser & Walker Fowler Podium

Motoworks/Can-Am rider Chris Bithell was in the mix all day, ultimately crossing the line in the fifth position just behind a still recovering Brian Wolf. GT Thunder/ Waynesburg Yamaha's Jeff Pickens rebounded from a disappointing mechanical issue in Florida to secure the sixth position and ran within the lead pack for much of the race.

GNCC Pro-Am XC2 ATV Podium

XC2 PRO-AM ATV Podium (left to right)
Pat McGuire (2nd), Gabe Phillips (1st) , Nathan Thomas (3rd)

The morning race featured a back-and-forth contest between GT Thunder's Dave Simmons and Traci Cecco (YAM) for the overall lead. Simmons came out on top adding yet another overall finish to his collection. Eight time Women's champion Cecco took the early Women's class lead and stretched it to more than four minutes on DeRisi Racing's Kylie Ahart as the race progressed. Kevin Trantham (CAN) split the two Yamaha riders on the overall podium with his 4X4 Lites class win.

GNCC Morning ATV Podium

Morning ATV Podium (left to right)
Bryan Buckhannon (2nd), Kevin Trantham (1st) , Clifton Beasley (3rd)

Derek Swartfager  Honda -TRX 450R ATV GNCC Racing
National Guard's #1 William Yokley Takes the SxS GNCC Season Opener Win with his Wife, Tina, in the Polaris RZR XP 900 SxS / UTV
The 2012 UTV schedule kicked of this weekend as well, with Polaris National Guard's William Yokely taking the overall win in commanding fashion over Motoworks/Can-Am's Kyle Chaney and Coastal Racing/National Guard driver Scott Kiger.

Hunter Hart (COB) once again topped the youth overall ahead of fellow 90 Mod (12-15) competitors Cody Collier (YAM) and Seth Wilson (YAM).

Round three of the 2012 Can-Am Grand National Cross Country Series heads to Morganton, North Carolina, March 31 and April 1 for The FMF Steele Creek GNCC. For more information, go to

Pro XC1 & Pro-Am XC2 Top 10 ATV Race Results & Point Standings

XC1 Pro ATV Race Results:
1. Chris Borich (SUZ)
2. Taylor Kiser (YAM)
3. Walker Fowler (YAM)
4. Brian Wolf (HON)
5. Chris Bithell (CAN)
6. Jeff Pickens (YAM)
7. Derek Swartfager (HON)
8. Johnny Gallagher (YAM)
9. Craig Bowman (HON)
10. Parker Jones (HON)

XC1 Pro ATV Point Standings:
1. Chris Borich (50)
2. Chris Bithell (37)
3. Walker Fowler (36)
4. Adam McGill (32)
5. Johnny Gallagher (29)
6. Derek Swartfager (29)
7. Jeff Pickens (28)
8. Taylor Kiser (28)
9. Brian Wolf (27)
10. Mark Notman (24)

XC2 Pro ATV Race Results:
1. Gabe Phillips (YAM)
2. Patrick McGuire (YAM)
3. Nathan Thomas (HON)
4. Eric Hoyland (HON)
5. Matt Hanna (YAM)
6. Josh Merritt (YAM)
7. Matt Pierce (YAM)
8. Dallas Goins (HON)
9. Scottie Rich (SUZ)
10. Eric Wilczek (YAM)

XC2 Pro ATV Point Standings:
1. Patrick McGuire (55)
2. Nathan Thomas (39)
3. Eric Hoyland (39)
4. Matt Hanna (32)
5. Gabe Phillips (30)
6. Braden Henthorn (28)
7. Josh Merritt (26)
8. Scottie Rich (26)
9. Dallas Goins (25)
10. Michael Lancaster (24)

$250 Holeshot Award: Walker Fowler (YAM)
$100 Pro Am Holeshot Award:
Patrick McGuire (YAM)

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