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2012 GNCC ATV Racing Series
Round #9 - John Penton GNCC
Millfield, OH
June 7, 2012

Can-Am GNCC Racing - Grand National Cross Country Racing Series

Chris Borich Wins Six in a Row at the Wiseco John Penton GNCC
DeRisi Racing's Braden Henthorn takes Second XC2 Pro Am victory

John Penton GNCC
Round 9 - ATV Racing Links
Millfield, OH , WV (7/8/2012) - With temperatures over the 100-degree mark,
Sunday Creek Raceway hosted Round 9 of the 2012 Can-Am Grand National Cross Country Series in sunny southern Ohio. Amidst the warm temperatures, Chris Borich was still able to extend his points lead by grabbing his sixth consecutive win in the XC1 Pro ATV class, while Adam McGill and Walker Fowler battled to the final moments in order to secure podium finishes at The Wiseco John Penton GNCC.

GNCC XC1 Pro Holeshot
Adam McGill Grabbed the holeshot aboard his Moto-Xperts powered Honda 450R ATV

The John Penton historically serves as the final stop before the series takes a break over the summer months, and for good reason as the blistering heat of early July intensified the already grueling two-hour competition. Precision Motorsports /Lonestar Racing / Moto X Perts' Adam McGill was rearing to go in his first full race back from injury, taking the $250 Holeshot Award and putting himself into the lead-pack right away. Ballance Racing Yamaha's Taylor Kiser took control of the opening lap as he led McGill and Borich through Lap 1-where Kiser and Borich set in for their first pit-while McGill chose to keep his momentum rolling into the second place position.

Adam McGill - Honda 450R ATV
Chris Borich - Suzuki LTR450 ATV
Lonestar Racing's Adam McGill placed second despite coming off an injury
Maxxis' Chris Borich has won all but one race in the 2012 GNCC Racing Season

As a result of the extreme heat, the afternoon race was just under the two-hour mark in an effort to protect racers, and Borich adjusted his strategy accordingly. Rather than the come-from-behind approach Borich typically uses, the defending champ laid it all out in the beginning stages, taking over the lead from Kiser on Lap 2. The Maxxis/Yoshimura rider set a pace that only he was able to match as he stretched the lead to over 20 seconds on McGill's second place ride.

Walker Fowler - Yamaha YFZ450R ATV
Taylor Kiser - Yamaha YFZ450R ATV
Ballance Racing's Walker Fowler place third at the John Penton GNCC
Taylor Kiser sits fourth in the GNCC XC1 Pro ATV Points

Ballance Racing Yamaha's Walker Fowler had high hopes of securing his first XC1 class victory in his home state of Ohio but after getting a fifth place start, Fowler wasn't quite able to catch Borich's pace. Around the halfway point, Fowler put the pass on his teammate Kiser for third and eventually set his sights on McGill for the second spot. Kiser experienced a setback after crashing on Lap 3, but was able to hold on for a fourth place finish. McGill and Fowler battled back and forth on the final lap but McGill held on to secure second place, with Fowler close in tow for third.

Chris Bithell - Can-Am DS450 ATV
Motoworks / Chris Bithell made his way up to fifth place after a rock got stuck in his chain at the start
Motoworks / Can-Am rider Chris Bithell began the day playing catch up after spending extra time getting a rock out of his chain right off the start. But Bithell quickly made his way into the top five, where he came in less than a second behind Kiser for fifth place in XC1.

JG Offroad / FRE / American Honda's Brian Wolf started off inside the top five but eventually ran into some issues along the way. It began with a series of crashes in the second half of the race, and Wolf eventually pulled off on the second-to-last lap and finished one lap down from the rest of the field.

Brian Wolf - Honda 450R ATV
Jarrod McClure - Honda 450R ATV
JG Offroad's Brian Wolf sits in ninth place in the GNCC XC1 Pro Points
Yokley Racing's Jarrod McClure placed sixth at GNCC Round 9

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