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2017 GNCC Racing Series
Round #6 - X-Factor
Peru, Indiana
May 20, 2017

GNCC Racing Series

Johnny Gallagher Takes First GNCC Pro ATV Win
Walker Fowler & Adam McGill Round Out X-Factor GNCC Podium

Peru, IN (5/22/2017) - The sixth round of the 2017 AMSOIL Grand National Cross Country (GNCC) Series presented by Maxxis, an AMA National Championship, took place today, May 20, with the inaugural X-Factor GNCC in Peru, Indiana. With an abundance of rain taking place earlier in the morning, the track conditions were muddy creating an eventual GNCC event. After battling the rough and rugged conditions for a total of two laps it was GBC/Fly Racing/HMF/Yamaha's Johnny Gallagher who would cross the finish line first to earn his first-ever overall GNCC win.
Pro ATV Podium GNCC Racing

GNCC Racing Pro XC1 ATV Podium (left to right)
Walker Fowler (2nd), Johnny Gallagher (1st), Adam McGill (3rd)

After a slight weather delay GBC/Canyon Motorsports/Fly Racing's Landon Wolfe grabbed the $250 Wiseco XC1 holeshot award as the green flag dropped. However, WFR/Yamaha/Maxxis/Fly Racing's Walker Fowler was right behind L. Wolfe heading into the woods.

Landon Wolfe GNCC Racing

Landon Wolfe earned the XC1 Pro holeshot award at the X-Factor GNCC

As they checked through timing and scoring on the first lap, the white flag flew for Fowler, then Gallagher who was about two seconds off, and CST/Induction Solutions/LSR/HiPer/Spider Graphix's Adam McGill who was eight seconds behind Gallagher in third.

Johnny Gallagher GNCC Racing

Johnny Gallagher took the checkered flag for his first career Pro ATV overall win at the X Factor GNCC

Fowler and Gallagher continued to battle back and forth on the last lap, however after stopping for goggles Gallagher would fall off the pace a bit until Fowler got caught up in lapped traffic. While Fowler tried to make the pass on a lapper, Gallagher would capitalize by taking the inside line. Gallagher would go on to the finish where the checkered flag flew, and he earned his first-ever overall GNCC win in 23 years.

Johnny Gallagher GNCC Racing

Walker Fowler congratulates Johnny Gallagher on taking the win

"I was chasing Adam, and I felt like I could go a little faster. I passed him, and Jeff Hart, Hunter's dad, told me I was leading and at that point I short-circuited. Did something real dumb and wedged it between two trees and fell back to like 10th or so," said Johnny.

Adam McGill GNCC Racing

Adam McGill finished out the day in the third place position overall

As the XC2 Pro-Am class took off the line, it was Cameron Bruce who earned himself the All Balls $100 holeshot award. Ithaca Recreation/Maxxis/Quad Tech/Storm Peak Crossfit's Hunter Hart would find himself in the first place position of XC2 as they came around on lap one, and with the adjusted time first overall on the day.

Conditions quickly worsened and during the second lap Hart would find himself buried in the mud. XC2 defending champion, Greg Covert found himself in a favorable position to take over the lead as Matthew Lindle followed in second. When the checkered flag flew, Covert earned his first win of the season, with Lindle in second and Hart in third.

Vet A (28+) class champion Dustin Hendershot took home the Top Amateur honors with his eleventh overall finish.

Indiana's own Cunningham Racing/Can-Am/Maxxis's Kevin Cunningham lead the way during the 10 a.m. race, and earned his fifth win of the season. Can-Am/DJR/QuadBoss's Bryan Buckhannon, and Team UXC Racing's Kevin Trantham rounded out the 10 a.m. overall podium and 4x4 Pro top three.

Kevin Cunningham GNCC Racing

Kevin Cunningham earned another win in the 4x4 Pro class in the muddy conditions in his home state of Indiana

In the WXC division, Traci Pickens was able to maneuver through the muddy conditions and earn her second win of the season. Pickens, followed by Angel Knox and WXC defending champion, Alicia McCormick, rounded out the top three ladies.

Ye Olde Cycle Barn's Layne McCormick took his third overall win of the season in the 8 a.m. youth race. Colton Buck and Payton Dalton rounded out the top three on the youth overall podium.

Pro XC1 & Pro-Am XC2 Top 10 ATV Race Results & Point Standings
XC1 Pro ATV Race Results: XC2 Pro-Am ATV Race Results:
  1. Johnny Gallagher (YAM)
  2. Walker Fowler (YAM)
  3. Adam McGill (HON)
  4. Chris Borich (SUZ)
  5. Landon Wolfe (HON)
  6. Randy Hamilton (HON)
  7. Martin Christofferson (H)
  8. Tucker Wyatt (HON)
  9. Brycen Neal (YAM)
  10. Josh Merritt (YAM)
  1. Greg Covert (YAM)
  2. Matthew Lindle (HON)
  3. Hunter Hart (YAM)
  4. Wyatt Wilkin (HON)
  5. Austin Abney (HON)
  6. Sam Hough (HON)
  7. Devon Feehan (HON)
  8. Levi Coen (HON)
  9. Kenny Shick (YAM)
  10. Kenneth Kelly (HON)

XC1 ATV Overall Standings:

XC2 Pro-Am ATV Point Standings:
  1. Walker Fowler (175)
  2. Adam McGill (124)
  3. Brycen Neal (112)
  4. Chris Borich (91)
  5. Jarrod McClure (90)
  6. Landon Wolfe (89)
  7. Johnny Gallagher (75)
  8. Hunter Hart (70)
  9. Devon Feehan (62)
  10. Marty Christofferson (59)
  1. Devon Feehan (147)
  2. Hunter Hart (144)
  3. Greg Covert (129)
  4. Matthew Lindle (111)
  5. Austin Abney (88)
  6. Levi Coen (77)
  7. Sam Hough (73)
  8. Kenny Shick (66)
  9. Brandon Icard (64)
  10. Cameron Bruce (52)
GNCC Racing

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