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Bling Star Quad Of the Month ATV

Chris McCauley 's 2005 Honda TRX450R ATV

Quad of the Month - April 2012

Logan Dusenberry's Can-Am DS450 / KTM 85
Hybrid ATV

"I decided to build Logan this quad using the CanAm DS450 chassis mostly because the CanAm was the lightest machine out on the market in stock form and it was a proven track record. I got the idea from Jim Tibbetts in Minnesota who is an avid CanAm guy that built one for his son Beau. Jim found me the rolling chassis in MN and I had it shipped to my house in Ohio.

I then started making contact with any and everyone I knew that knows about dirtbikes to ask them what engine they felt was the fastest in the 85cc form. Hands down they all said the KTM 85cc was the best due to its powervalve and race readiness. So, I went with that engine. I fabricated some engine brackets and mounted the KTM in the chassis.

Due to the DS having the Rotax engine the rear sprocket was on the wrong side. I simply pulled the axel and carrier out and flipped it to the other side. I used the BCS "sharkfin" brake caliper bracket with a CanAm Outlander 800 brake caliper.

The rolling chassis came with Fox Evol front and Fox Podium rear. I took the quad to Greg's ATV in Coshocton, Ohio and he re-valved and re-sprung the rear for Logan's 100 pound body and set the fronts.

I then contacted Ian at SSi decals and had him make a set of graphics to match John Natalie and Joel Hetrick but with our sponsors.

Logan has raced the machine now at the 1st few rounds of the ATVA National's and has consistently improved. He races it in the 90 modified Sr. 12-15. year old and super-mini classes. Our only issue was the chain derailing. I have recently installed a custom chain guide by Jake at Six5design and believe our derailing issues are over.

One of the best things about the quad is to watch all the 2nd looks it gets when its running. People expect the sound of the 4stroke but hear the rap of the 2stroke.

Our sponsors: Makson Construction, MaximumRPM, Hetrick Racing, SSi Decals, Maxxis Tires, Jim's Auto Repair, Bulk Carriers and Tank Leasing, Shane Tool & Machine, Action Extreme Sports and Crow Canyon"

Thank you,
-Rocky Dusenberry

o Logan Dusenberry's Can-Am DS450 / KTM 85
o Logan Dusenberry's Can-Am DS450 / KTM 85
Chassis | Suspension | Controls:
Frame Stock 2008 CanAm DS450
A Arms: Stock XMX CanAm
Swingarm: Stock CanAm
Steering Stem: Plus one
Stabilizer: GPR puck style
Axle: CanAm XMX 50"
Carrier: Stock Modified double row
Locknut: none
Hubs F|R: Stock
Bars: TAG
Throttle/ Clutch Lever:: Moose throttle. KTM Hydraulic Clutch
Grips: Pro Taper
Nerfs: Stock XMX CanAm
Bumper: Rath
Grab Bar: Stock
Front Shocks: Fox Float Evol - Factory Upgraded coating
Rear Shock: Fox Podium - Revalved for 100 pound rider
Brake Lines: Stock
Rotors F|R: Stock
Rims F|R: DWT Roc Out
Tires F|R: Maxxis
Engine | Drive train:
Cylinder|Head: KTM85 OR KTM105
Bore & Stroke: Factory
Displacement: 85cc or 105cc
Cam: None
Carburetor: Keihin 28mm D-slide
Air Filter|Box: UNI Pod Filter
Pipe|Silencer: FMF Fatty with stock KTM silencer
Clutch|Plates: Hinson
o Logan Dusenberry's Can-Am DS450 / KTM 85
o Logan Dusenberry's Can-Am DS450 / KTM 85
Body | Graphics
Plastic: Stock DS 450
Graphics|Seat Cover: SSi Decals
Number Backgrounds: White w/ black numbers - per AMA
Handguards: Not installed yet - Factory CanAm
Bar Pad: stock
Fuel Tank: Stock

About Quad of the Month:
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