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Bling Star Quad Of the Month ATV Quad of the Month

Quad of the Month - August 2012

TheLane's Polaris Outlaw 450 ATV

TheLane's Polaris Outlaw 450 ATV
TheLane's Polaris Outlaw 450 ATV
Chassis | Suspension | Controls:
Frame Stock
A Arms: Lonestar DC4
Swingarm: Stock
Steering Stem: Stock
Stabilizer: HPD
Axle: Lonestar Axcaliber
Carrier: Stock
Locknut: Stock
Hubs F|R: Stock
Bars: Protaper SE
Throttle/ Clutch Lever:: Magura Hydraulic
Grips: ODI
Nerfs: Pro Armor
Bumper: Stock
Grab Bar: Stock
Front Shocks: Fox Float Evol X
Rear Shock: (Aftermarket) FOX Podium X DSC
Brake Lines: LSR
Rotors F|R: Steel Braided
Rims F|R: Stock
TheLane's Polaris Outlaw 450 ATV
Engine | Drive train:
Cylinder|Head: 12:5 compression piston, Kibble white TI valves
Bore & Stroke: Stock
Displacement: 450cc
Cam: Stock
Carburetor: KEHEIN FCR
Air Filter|Box: Custom
Pipe|Silencer: Motoworks SR4
Clutch|Plates: Barnett
Gearing F|R:
CDI | Killswitch: Pro Armor
Cooling:: Stock
TheLane's Polaris Outlaw 450 ATV
TheLane's Polaris Outlaw 450 ATV
Body | Graphics
Plastic: Stock
Graphics|Seat Cover: DFR graphics, HPCAMO seat cover
Number Backgrounds: DFR
Handguards: None
Bar Pad: Pro Taper
Fuel Tank: Stock

About Quad of the Month:
The Quad of the Month is hand picked by the ATVRiders community once a month. To enter, sign up for the forums and go to the Quad of the Month section for more information. Check out the Previous QOTM winners ATV's.


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