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Quad of the Month - September 2012

Joshua Ibrao's Honda 250R ATV

"I live in Hawaii and finding the quad I have always wanted was no easy task. After years of waiting one finally poped up for sale. I bought it sight unseen. It was not exactly what I wanted, but I knew I could build it to my riding style.

After a few races and many gallons of race fuel my 250R was beat. Cracked frame, cracked swing arm, and blown shocks, I knew it was time to get my build going.

After a slow year of gathering parts, refurbishing old parts, and hunting down a new-to-me frame, my hard work paid off. Now I ride the only MX built 250R around. 250R's are so rare here in Hawaii. If any R riders in Hawaii are reading this, PM me on the forums!

Thank you all for votes and views!"

Joshua Ibrao

Joshua Ibrao's Honda 250R ATV
Joshua Ibrao's Honda 250R ATV

Chassis | Suspension | Controls:
Frame 1987 Stock with Pumashine gusset kit
A Arms: +3 ASR
Swingarm: LoneStar anti-vibe 1 1/8 LS clamp
Steering Stem: -1 JB
Stabilizer: Denton
Axle: +4 LoneStar
Carrier: Burgard
Locknut: Jansen
Hubs F|R: Stock
Bars: Pro Taper CR Hi bend Fat bars
Throttle/ Clutch Lever:: Stock/StreamLine
Grips: Spider
Nerfs: Pro Armor
Bumper: Duncan
Grab Bar: AC
Front Shocks: TCS triple rates
Rear Shock: TCS 
Brake Lines: Stainless +3 Streamline
Rotors F|R: Wave
Rims F|R: Douglas 3+2/Douglas 3+5 w/ reinforcing rings
Tires F|R: ITP Holeshots/ 18-11-8 turf tamers
Joshua Ibrao's Honda 250R ATV
Joshua Ibrao's Honda 250R ATV
Engine | Drive train:
Cylinder|Head: Stock clean up port/ stock head CR head gasket
Bore & Stroke: 68x72mm
Displacement: 261cc
Cam: Paper Weight
Carburetor: 39mm Keihin air striker
Air Filter|Box: ESR Eliminator K&N clamp on
Pipe|Silencer: CT national mid range
Clutch|Plates: StreamLine hydro, stock CR500 springs w/ 89 update
Gearing F|R:
CDI | Killswitch: Pro Armor
Cooling: Stock radiator with OMF polished shrouds walsh over flow bottle
Other: AC full skid pate, Roll Design Fat peg with kick ups, BillyGoat S/S exhaust mounts, ESR shift lever, ESR brake lever, polished side covers, LoneStar sprocket guard, ESR case saver, LoneStar stem clamp, K&K billet resi clamps, billet brake line clamps
Body | Graphics
Plastic: Maier shiny one piece race front
Graphics|Seat Cover: K&K flame/K&K matching cover
Number Backgrounds: -
Handguards: -
Bar Pad: Pro Taper
Fuel Tank: Stock with Red carbon fiber cover

About Quad of the Month:
The Quad of the Month is hand picked by the ATVRiders community once a month. To enter, sign up for the forums and go to the Quad of the Month section for more information. Check out the Previous QOTM winners ATV's.


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