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Quad of the Month - November 2012

Conrad Funke's KTM 450 Sport ATV

"I built this quad for my 2013 WORCS racing season. With WORCS being a mix of Off-road and MX racing I needed my quad to be capable of doing both well. I feel this build is a great balance of reliability and performance.

I would like to thank all the fans for the votes and everyone who made this build possible. I could not have done it without help and support from: Rath Racing, DWT/ Motoworks, Fasst Company, Leatt Brace, Arizona Motocity, BRM Offroad Graphics, Fourwerx Carbon-Titanium, Motorex USA, X-Brand goggles, GoPro Camera, Racer’s Edge- Tucson, Custom Axis Racing Shocks, Stellar Machine and Performance, AP Racing Brakes, Twin Air and BioTearoff’s."

-Conrad Funke

Conrad Funke's KTM 450 SX ATV

Chassis | Suspension | Controls:
Frame KTM with Tiexeria Tech gusset kit
A Arms: JB modified KTM SX
Swingarm: KTM
Steering Stem: Walsh +.5
Stabilizer: Ohlins
Axle: RPM Dominator
Carrier: KTM
Sprocket guard: Tiexeria Tech
Chain guard: KTM Bill
Locknut: RPM
Hubs F|R: KTM/ Rath
Bars: Fasst Flexx
Throttle/ Clutch Lever:: KTM
Grips: Renthal
Nerfs: Rath
Bumper: Rath
Grab Bar: Rath
Front Shocks: Custom Axis Pro-Air
Rear Shock: Custom Axis
Brake Lines: KTM
Rotors F|R: KTM
Rims F|R: DWT
Tires F|R: DWT
Conrad Funke's KTM 450 SX ATV
Conrad Funke's KTM 450 SX ATV
Engine | Drive train:
Cylinder|Head: Racers Edge port /+1 valves
Rod: Carrillo
Piston: CP 13.5:1
Bore & Stroke: Stock
Displacement: 450cc
Cam: KTM 833
Carburetor: 41.5mm R&D Powerbowl
Air Filter|Box: Twin Air
Pipe|Silencer: Motoworks
Clutch|Plates: KTM
Gearing F|R:
CDI | Killswitch: KTM
Cooling: Cooling: JB dual radiator fan/ CV4 hoses/ Baldwin oil cooler/ Mino water pump
Conrad Funke's KTM 450 SX ATV
Conrad Funke's KTM 450 SX ATV
Plastic: KTM
Graphics|Seat Cover: BRM Offroad / FourWerx Carbon
Hood: FourWerx Carbon
Number Backgrounds: BRM Offroad
Skid Plate: KTM Bill
Handguards: Powermadd
Bar Pad: Fasst Co.
Fuel Tank: KTM
Conrad Funke's KTM 450 SX ATV
Conrad Funke plans on racing his KTM 450 ATV in the 2013 WORC Racing Season

About Quad of the Month:
The Quad of the Month is hand picked by the ATVRiders community once a month. To enter, sign up for the forums and go to the Quad of the Month section for more information. Check out the Previous QOTM winners ATV's.


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