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Bling Star Quad Of the Month ATV
Quad of the Month - January 2013 - Brandon Kranz's Honda 400EX Sport ATV
Quad of the Month - March 2013

Shadd Spencer's TPC450R Custom Trike

"My name is Shadd Spencer and this is my custom TPC450r three wheeler built with the intentions of running motocross on it.  I'd like to give special thanks to Bill and Kimmie and everyone else at Tpctrikes for making the frame and front hub for me and helping out with all my assembly questions, also Ernie at FTR Powersports for making the sweet graphics kit for the trike, my friend Derrick Adams and the Ohio Trike Crew for getting me into racing these wild contraptions, and my wife Ashley for being there throughout my long racing career.  

I've been racing quad motocross since I was twelve (15 years now) and just wanted to try something different with the trike, so I built this since I had most the parts needed to fabricate it laying around having 3 race quads. I started pulling my favorite parts from the list below, kept motor stock just to get used to the power on 3 wheels. Maybe next year I'll open it up a little with crank, piston and cam... but for now thanks to everyone that helped with the project over winter and to all that voted for it! Thanks Again!"

-Shadd Spencer (shadd_27)

Shadd Spencer's TPC450R Custom Trike

Chassis | Suspension | Controls:
Frame TPC
A Arms: N/A
Swingarm: Janssen MX
Steering Stem: N/A
Stabilizer: N/A
Axle: RPM Dominator II 50"
Carrier: Baldwin
Locknut: Baldwin
Hubs F|R: TPC
Handlebars: ATV 4Play
Throttle/ Clutch Lever:: Stock
Grips: ODI
Nerfs: Rath (not pictured)
Bumper: N/A
Grab Bar: Rath
Front Shocks: Honda CRF450r forks
Rear Shock: PEP PB1
Brake Lines: Stock Honda TRX450r (r) & Honda CRF450r (f)
Rotors F|R: Stock Honda CRF450r / Honda TRX450r
Rims F|R: ITP 2+3 / DWT Beadlocks
Tires F|R: ITP
Shadd Spencer's TPC450R Custom Trike
Shadd Spencer's TPC450R Custom Trike
Engine | Drive train:
Cylinder|Head: Stock
Bore & Stroke: Stock
Displacement: 450cc
Cam: stock 
Carburetor: Stock
Air Filter|Box: K&N
Pipe|Silencer: Joe Byrd DASA Exhaust
Clutch|Plates: Moose Billet Basket, OEM Plates. Heavy Duty Springs
Gearing F|R:
CDI | Killswitch: Stock / Pro Armor
Cooling: Honda CRF450r
Other Info: This was a pretty simple project with a lot of money invested, and I am racing motocross and TT nationals on it this year
Shadd Spencer's TPC450R Custom Trike
Plastic: Honda TRX450r rear/ Honda 200x front / Honda CRF450R side
Graphics|Seat Cover: FTR / custom seat cover with memory foam
Hood: N/A
Number Backgrounds: FTR
Skid Plate: -
Handguards: Acerbis
Bar Pad: ATV 4 Play
Fuel Tank: Stock CRF450R

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