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ATV / UTV Race Report

2009 Best in the Desert ATV Racing Season Wrap-Up Report
Skat Trak Racing & Christy Racing Win ATV Championships

Primm, Nevada - As the 2009 Best in the Desert series came to an end at Buffalo Bills Casino in Primm, Nevada, the veteran ATV race teams of Greg Stuart (Pro ATV) and Craig Christy (Expert ATV) both came away with class championships in their respective classes.

Best in the Desert - ATV & UTV Racing
The final round of the 2009 BITD ATV Racing Series was held at Buffalo Bills Casino in Primm, Nevada on October 17, 2009

Best in the Desert - ATV & UTV Racing
(left to right) Danny Prather, Greg Stuart, Nic Granlund claim the 1Q plate for 2010 with the Pro ATV class Championship
The Skat Trak Racing Team of Greg Stuart, Nic Granlund and Danny Prather had an amazing race season, winning every race in the Quad Pro class to take the 2009 championship.

Although the first couple rounds of the BITD series went well for both Granlund and Stuart, Granlund had his season cut short when he broke his femur, just before the Vegas to Reno round. “I was really disappointed to have my season cut short, but Danny Prather stepped in and was able to take over my spot for the rest of the races. Danny did a great job as my stunt double out there!” joked Granlund.

Best in the Desert - ATV & UTV Racing
Best in the Desert - ATV & UTV Racing
Skat Trak Racing's Nic Granlund, Greg Stuart & Danny Prather claim the 2009 BITD Championship on their hybrid YFZ450 with a XR650 engine and 450R rear end, which are just a few of the many mods to this one of a kind desert racing ATV

In desert racing, where reliability and consistency play a huge part in results, and a perfect season is almost unheard of, the Stuart team admits that luck was on their side for the 2009 season. “At the Silver State round there was some excitement for sure. We were in about 4th off the start and there was no way we would be able to catch the leaders unless something drastic happened,” said Granlund. Lady Luck was certainly on their side for that round because at the last pit stop before the finish line, a dirt bike rider pulled into the pits to fuel up and inadvertently caught the entire pit area of fire, burning all of the gas supplies on hand as well, leaving racers low on fuel with no reserves. “We always keep an extra gallon on board with us just in case, and this time was when we needed it. Everyone else was running out of gas because of the fire, but we had that extra gallon of gas that allowed us to finish the race when every one else ran out of gas,” explained Granlund.

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