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KTM ATV 525XC & 450XC Sport ATV - Race Ready

2008 KTM 525XC & 450XC ATV Press Intro - Test Ride

The chassis of the 450 and 525 are identical, and share the same chromoly steel frame, a-arms and swingarm. Many manufacturers have been utilizing new materials and construction techniques for there latest racing ATV’s, but KTM decided to go with a proven design that has been the choice of nearly every aftermarket racing frame builder. KTM did put their experience in building cutting-edge MX bike frames to use, utilizing a unique tubing shape and very well thought out castings to elevate the level of frame design past that of the great aftermarket frame era of the early 2000’s. The steel frame allows for maximum open area for machine service, and according to Tim Farr, has had absolutely no failures during testing. The extruded aluminum subframe is strong and lightweight, and incorporates a removable grab bar.

2008 KTM 525XC & 450XC ATV

2008 KTM 525XC & 450XC ATV  A-arms
The chromoly a-arms look just like a top-of-the-line aftermarket item, with adjustable camber, caster, and easily serviceable ball-joints and heim joints. The arms are the perfect width for XC racing, and the KTM Hard Parts catalog offers a set with increased width for MX use. The lower arms are shaped for added ground clearance, and all bearings are sealed for long life. The Ohlins front shocks are fully adjustable and offer over 10” of travel, with piggyback reservoirs and dual rate springs. The available adjustments include preload, compression, rebound, and spring crossover.

2008 KTM 525XC & 450XC ATV  rear suspension
The rear suspension is textbook race ready, with a chromoly swingarm and axle, eccentric chain adjustment, and tapered roller bearings in the carrier. The aluminum rear hubs have a spacer that can be moved from inside to outside, changing the width of the machine from 45.5 inches to 48.5 inches for different track conditions. The hub nuts are self-locking, and do not use cotter pins. The rear shock is an Ohlins PDS, which uses no linkage and a single spring. The internal two-piston damping system creates all the necessary progression. KTM has been using the “no-link” design on their dirt bikes for years with great success, and the extra ground clearance and simplified maintenance is a big benefit for the serious trail rider and off-road racer. The shock has preload, compression, and rebound adjustments, and provides nearly 10.5” of travel. The no-link configuration is nothing new in the ATV world, as many aftermarket frame companies used the design for their high-end chassis.

2008 KTM 525XC & 450XC ATV  Magura brake sytem
Taking care of the stopping duties on the KTM’s are a powerful set of Magura brake systems. The front is a groundbreaking 4-piston design that has only previously been used on road bike front calipers. The fixed calipers have two pistons pushing on either side of the 180mm floating discs. The non-floating caliper design eliminates several slide pins and rubber boots, while the 4-piston design creates unparalleled braking power. The rear caliper is a proven single piston design, and the 200mm rear rotor is partially vented for proper cooling. Both front and rear brake systems utilize stainless steel braided brake lines, and the front rotors are wave-shaped for better cleaning and cooling properties. The rear reservoir is integrated with the master cylinder, eliminating the plastic fluid container and tubing altogether.
2008 KTM 525XC & 450XC ATV Magura hydraulic clutch system & reverse lever
2008 KTM 525XC & 450XC ATV Magura front brake system
Magura Hydraulic Clutch System & Reverse Lever
Magura Front Brake System

The steering in handled by a set of Magura tapered aluminum handlebars mounted on an adjustable aluminum steering stem. The stem provides a total of four different front-to-rear handlebar positions to fine tune the ergonomics to each rider’s needs. The bar mounts are rubber-mounted for vibration absorption, and for height changes higher bar mounts are available through the KTM Hard Parts catalog. The bottom of the steering stem has provisions for mounting an optional Ohlins steering damper, and the frame is fitted with the proper brackets to make the installation painless.

2008 KTM 525XC & 450XC ATV belly pan
2008 KTM 525XC & 450XC ATV foot guards
2008 KTM 525XC & 450XC ATV swingarm skid plate
Plenty of protection is provided underneath with a large belly pan skid plate and swingarm skid plate along with large foot guards

The fenders and tank are aimed at versatility, with futuristic styling setting the look of the machine apart from anything else on the market. The aggressive front fenders have removable extensions that are bolted on and can be reattached easily. The seat is wide and soft, perfect for long races or trail rides. A quickly detachable hood piece can be removed easily for servicing the machine. The fuel tank is a 3.5 gallon unit that should eliminate most racers’ need for refueling during an event. If refueling is necessary, a quarter-turn cap cuts time in the pits down considerably. The kill switch is a major convenience for racers, who will not have to buy a switch and splice it into their wiring harness.

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