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2017 GBC Heartland Challenge
SxS / UTV Endurance Racing
Carlisle, Iowa
August 18, 2017

GBC Heartland Challange

Jared Nelson Wins UTV 900 Class at Heartland Challenge

In the UTV 900 class, Jared Nelson of Olsen's Outdoor Power team brought home the win followed by Team Wittrock Racing in second place, and team I Love Hooters in third place. All three of the racing teams were driving Polaris RZR 900’s.

GBC Heartland Challenge ATV Racing
GBC Heartland Challenge 4 Hour UTV 1000 Podium (left to right)
I Love Hooters (3rd), Olsen's Outdoor Power (1st), Wittrock Racing (2nd)

“Bikeman and Barker’s Performance really helped me out with this new RZR and we came out strong for this event after getting a third place last year. Bikeman did all of my clutching and the tuning on the machine and Barker’s did the exhaust. This car was running amazing and rode really well for the entire race. RT Pro also helped me out with the spring kit and the sway bar which kept the car planted in some of these fast corners. I think I was about fifth or so in the holeshot and then got into third place by the 5th lap and then got into first place pretty quickly. I was able to make a few pit stops and it made the race go really smoothly. I was able to make a few gutsy passes in the really dusty sections where other guys were slowing up because they couldn’t see and I was able to get around them. The challenge section was pretty fun and we took it every lap and I think that helped us out quite a bit. The MX section was a lot of fun and I was able to get around a few guys there as well to get into the lead,” said Nelson.

Jared Nelson GBC Heartland Challenge ATV Racing
Olsen's Outdoor Power Team took home the UTV 900 Class Win

Olsen’s Outdoor Power had another racer on the podium in the form of Josh Wittrock. Wittrock was able to also make some tricky moves on the track and follow in Nelson’s footsteps to get onto the podium into a second place spot.

Josh Wittrock GBC Heartland Challenge ATV Racing
Josh Wittrock secured the 2nd Spot in the UTV 900 Class

Third place was slotted into by Team I love Hooters from Gilman City, Missouri. The team fought hard and battled the entire time and got themselves a nice podium position in third place.

GBC Heartland Challenge ATV Racing
Team I Love Hooters rounded out the UTV 900 Class Podium

The 10th Annual GBC Heartland Challenge was nothing short of an amazing event once again with tons of crowd-pleasing, and racing action. The 11th edition is already on the drawing board for 2018 and will surely be one you won't want to miss!

GBC Heartland Challange

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