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2017 TORC Series
Round #5
Big House Brawl
Crandon, Wisconsin
June 24, 2017

TORC Series

TORC Round 5 Pro Stock UTV Race Report

In Pro Stock, Greaves qualified on the pole, but started sixth due to the invert. The race was red flagged on the first lap for a crash. On the restart, Zach Martin took the lead, but Greaves was already charging.

TORC Racing Pro SxS Podium

TORC Pro Stock SxS / UTV Podium (left to right)
CJ Greaves (1st), Dillon Pointon (3rd)

Making a five-wide pass on the outside of the first turn, Greaves went from sixth to second on the first lap and set his sights on Martin. On lap two, Greaves took the lead and was never seriously challenged from there. Martin finished second, ahead of Dillon Pointon, Hans Ada.

Zach Martin TORC Pro UTV Racing

Bikeman Performance's Zach Martin grabbed the Pro Stock UTV Holeshot

“We got out of the restart and we just tried to run it harder,” said Greaves. “We’re all fast and we’re all splitting hairs to try to get faster. We knew we had to do something that no one else was going to think about doing. That’s what we did. We drove it outside and going into that gravel pit I out-braked those guys by five car lengths. I knew that’s what it was going to take to make the pass.”

CJ Greaves TORC Pro UTV Racing

Yamaha's CJ Greaves quickly charged his way into the lead

Greaves’ fourth-consecutive victory puts him well into the points lead early in the season. His Yamaha YXZ 1000R has made the difference for him, and like the three previous races, he literally outclassed the rest of the field.

CJ Greaves TORC Pro UTV Racing

Yamaha's CJ Greaves secured his 4th Straight TORC Pro Stock UTV Win & remains undefeated

“These Yamahas are working great,” said Greaves. “We’re going to keep working at these things and make them better.”

Martin started on the pole due to the invert and pulled a runaway holeshot at the start of the race. Despite his best efforts, Greaves’ mastery of the outside lines handed him second in the final tally, marking Martin’s best finish this season.

Zach Martin TORC Pro UTV Racing

Bikeman Performance's Zach Martin rounded out the TORC Pro Stock UTV Podium

“The start was intense,” said Martin. “CJ came around us on the outside and we did the best we could, but we took home second place. It’s good to be back up on the box and get a second place with us.”

Martin also competed in a Bikeman Polaris in the Pro Modified race. He was driving for Mitch Guthrie, Jr., who was running the Lucas Oil event in Utah.

Zach Martin TORC Pro UTV Racing

Bikeman Performance's Zach Martin filled in racing duties for Mitch Guthrie Jr in the Pro Mod UTV Class, so he had to head straight to the starting line and skip the podium celebration

“We love the Bikeman guys,” said Martin. “We’re running the Yamaha with a Bikeman tune. Jimmy let us get into the turbo Polaris for the Pro Modified race and that was our first time in that class.”

Pointon qualified second and started fourth for the race. He dropped to sixth at the start, but quickly got up to speed. He passed Jake Lunderby early in the race and got up to third. While he challenged Martin in the late stages of the event, he held on for the final spot on the podium.

Dillon Pointon TORC Pro UTV Racing

OnPoint Racing's Dillon Pointon held off Hans Ada to secure this third straight podium finish in the Pro Stock UTV class

“We came out of the start sixth and from there, we made a pass on Lunderby and drove it home to third,” said Pointon. “Zach was on fire today. He was definitely pulling us on the straightaways and getting more momentum out of the turns. I could get a half a car length on him, but he just kept pulling away. The track is fun. It’s good for the UTVs. We had our foot the floor the whole time.”

Ada was substituting for Mickey Thomas, who was also racing in Utah. Despite almost no seat time and a crash early in the race, Ada brought the car home to its best finish of the season.

Hans Ada TORC Pro UTV Racing

Walker Evans Racing's Hans Ada took over the racing duties for Mickey Thomas and secured an impressive 4th place finish at Crandon

“Everything was against me today,” said Ada. “It was my first time in the car and these cars are very meticulous on how they need to be driven. Trying to get everything set up with zero seat time, I think we had a good result. I only wish it was Mickey driving.”

The TORC UTVs will finish out the Crandon weekend with the second part of a doubleheader weekend on Sunday.

TORC Series
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