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2017 WORCS Racing
Round #3 - Honolulu Hills
February 19, 2017
Taft, California

WORCS Racing Series

David Haagsma Takes WORCS Pro SxS Win at Round 3
Beau Baron Takes WORCS Pro Stock SxS Win

WORCS Racing - Round 3
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Taft, CA (2/25/2017) – Maxxis’ David Haagsma drove his naturally aspirated SXS to his first WORCS Pro SXS victory of the season at Honolulu Hills Raceway to take over the points lead. STV Motorsport’s Nic Granlund finished second, ahead of BDR Motorsport’s Larry Heidler. Ryan Hilt and Corbin Wells rounded out the top five.
WORCS Racing Pro SXS Podium
Round 3 WORCS Racing Pro UTV Podium (left to right)
Nic Granlund (2nd), David Haagsma (1st), Larry Heidler (3rd)

After the track flooded on Friday, due to torrential downpours from Winter Storm Lucifer, competitors expected a mud fest. Instead, with WORCS officials working overtime on the track, the event turned out to be one of the fastest this season.

WORCS Racing
After heavy rain on Friday, the skies cleared for most of the weekend with only a few passing showers, which made for perfect race conditions

Several of the top competitors running turbocharged cars fell out early in the event with issues, leaving Haagsma to take the dominate win. The initial start was waved off due to an issue with course markings. On the restart, Haagsma moved quickly into second and he took the lead shortly thereafter when Ryan Piplic’s car fell out with mechanical issues. From there, he ran a flawless race taking the win, as well as the points lead.

David Haagsma WORCS Racing
Maxxis' David Haagsma battled his way through the pack as racers dropped out with issues around him, which moved him into the lead

“I just tried to stay consistent because I’m still not in a turbo car and I lack some horsepower on the top end,” said Haagsma. “All the top turbo guys we battled broke down. We have a little points lead now and we’ll try to stay consistent. I may run the non-turbo car for the rest of the year. Cody broke and Beau broke. There were just a lot of cars that went down on the start. Then Piplic broke. He blew a belt, and I knew from there on I had to calm down and go slow.”

The reliability of his car shined here. In fact, out of the top five in points coming into this race only two finished the race in the top ten.

David Haagsma WORCS Racing
Sparks Racing's David Haagsma cruised to his first win of the season after the restart to take the WORCS Pro SXS Points lead

“Honestly, I was a little scared that those turbos would keep beating me in my non-turbo car,” said Haagsma. “My turbo car wasn’t ready, but it seems like the non-turbo car was the way to go because it was more dependable. This is a good start to the season.”

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