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2015 Honda Rancher DCT w/ IRS Review

2015 Honda Rancher DCT w/ IRS Review

With the added IRS feature, it created a whole other riding experience, and was one that we welcomed with open arms. The added IRS makes for a much plusher ride than on a machine with a swingarm. There were a couple of sections in particular that had us thinking “oh this is going to rough!” while sliding into rutted out corners at high speed, only to be greeted by the IRS suspension soaking up every bit of the jar that you would feel if we were on a straight axle machine!

Honda Rancher DCT w/ IRS
The Independent Rear Suspension really gives the new 2015 Honda Rancher DCT a whole new feeling of confidence that provides an even smoother ride

Not only does the added Independent rear suspension help soak up rough terrain, it also contributes to additional ground clearance, which is always a plus!  Since there is no swingarm, Honda was able to add an additional 2 inches of ground clearance over the Honda Rancher with a swingarm. The ground clearance measures 9.2 inches and the suspension travel was increased from 6.3” to 7.3” in the front and from 6.3” to 8.5” in the rear.

Honda Rancher DCT w/ IRS
As a direct result of adding the independent rear suspension on the 2015 Honda Rancher DCT w/ IRS, the Honda Rancher received 2 additional inches of ground clearance

Again, comparing what we knew from riding on the Honda Rancher with a swingarm, there were a couple rock gardens that we thought for sure we would put the skid plates to good use, to much of our surprise, this was not the case. We never bottomed out once over the rocks on the Honda Rancher DCT w/IRS!

Another great feature on the 2015 Honda Rancher DCT w/ IRS is the Automatic Dual Clutch Transmission. Unique to Honda, the Honda Rancher DCT features both a fully automatic transmission as well as a semi-manual transmission that you can electronically shift with a push of a button that is located on the left side of the handlebars.  This gives the rider the option of choosing what transmission they prefer depending on their personal preference and riding style.

Honda Rancher DCT w/ IRS
The 2015 Honda Rancher DCT w/ IRS has two modes that can be changed with a flip of a switch that is located on the right side of the handlebars. The two modes are fully automatic or DCT which allows you to shift through the gears with your thumb

The Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) is a great for those who want to cruise around without having to worry about shifting but also want to have to the ability to choose which gear you are in for better control during different riding conditions. Each option is very well suited for both beginner and novice riders, however, each transmission option has its own defining features.

Honda Rancher DCT
The 2015 Honda Rancher DCT w/ IRS features an electronic shift program that is operated by up and down buttons on the left side of the handlebars
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