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2015 Honda Rancher DCT w/ IRS Review

2015 Honda Rancher DCT w/ IRS Review

Also helping you stay in the seat longer is a new thicker seat design borrowed from the 2015 Honda Rubicon. The new seat features thicker foam that is much more comfortable. Located under the seat is a new high performance Yuasa GYZ16H battery that helps power a new 450 Watt AC Generator, which has an increased output of 21% that is able to power more accessories.

Honda Rancher DCT w/ IRS
Borrowed from the 2015 Honda Rubicon, the 2015 Honda Rancher models also received two more inches of padding in the seat for a more comfortable ride

Other creature comforts include new body styling that looks very similar to the Honda Rancher swingarm version.

Honda Rancher DCT w/ IRS
Hunters will be glad the 2015 Honda Rancher DCT w/ IRS comes in Honda Phantom Camo that looks great and it practical for hunting in he woods

The Honda DCT w/ IRS body work features IRS badges and all-new steel racks and bumpers and the plastic comes in three color options, red, orange, and Honda Phantom Camo.

Honda Rancher DCT w/ IRS
The 2015 Honda Rancher DCT w/ IRS also comes in orange

We thoroughly enjoyed riding the 2015 Honda Rancher DCT w/ IRS in California. Since we have spent a lot of time on the Honda Rancher with a swingarm, it was nice getting to experience the Honda Rancher with Independent Rear Suspension and we were very impressed. We had a blast riding the 2015 Honda Rancher DCT w/ IRS and we feel it has a lot of market value and it appeals to a vast consumer base no matter their skill level or riding experience.

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