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Akraix Entertainment "Fallout 3 "
ATV DVD Product Review

Akraix "Fallout 3" DVD Links
Akraix Fallout 3 ATV DVD Teaser
It has been less than four years since Akraix Entertainment was founded, and in that short time, they have managed to put out some of the most impressive freestyle videos around. With the release of “Fallout 3”, Akraix has accomplished what other filmmakers have not yet been able to do…appeal to audiences in both the four-wheeled and the two-wheeled world.

Akraix’s Derek Guetter attributes their boundary breaking success to their strong ties with many dirtbike freestyle riders that they have befriended through the Crusty Demons tours. Those connections also played a key role in the location choices for Fallout 3. “Our places to film and ride are limited by our connections in the industry. We know a lot of dirtbike guys so we ended up doing a lot of filming at their private tracks.” Stated Derek.

One thing that the Akraix videos are noted for is the huge jumps, but not many people are aware that the riders actually go out to the sites and build the jumps and track layouts themselves. “It takes a lot of time, but it’s definitely worth it.” Said Derek in regards to the effort involved. “The set up at Hollister took 4 days to build, but it turned out awesome. It was really rewarding once it was done.”

Akraix Fallout 3 ATV DVD
Akraix Fallout 3 ATV DVD

Perhaps one of the most remarkable scenes in the Fallout 3 is the helicopter scene. “We rented a helicopter because we really wanted to make this video exciting and have different shots.” Said Guetter. “When we watched the footage from that we got chills. It was really incredible. I think it’s one of the best scenes we’ve ever done!” An amazing still shot of Derek, from that particular scene, actually graces the cover of Fallout 3. “It was really exciting to do that scene and it really pushed us to do our best out there.” Derek concluded.

The soundtrack of this video is modern and upbeat and the music flows well with the content of each segment. “We feel that the music we chose is critical to each scene. The song has to fit and capture what that segment is about.” Stated Derek in regards to their collaborative effort in choosing the songs. Akraix also tries to make sure that the soundtrack is appropriate for all ages of viewers.

Akraix Fallout 3 ATV DVD
Akraix Fallout 3 ATV DVD

One thing we noticed about the Fallout 3 is that it is rather short with a run time of about only 40 minutes; however, there is an abundance of bonus footage. “It’s a little shorter, but we wanted to have it be the most exciting video out there. We wanted it to be non-stop action from beginning to end.” Derek explained.

Akraix certainly delivers when it comes to action in Fallout 3 with the main focus being on freestyle, there are plenty of thrills and spills to be seen. However Derek stresses that Akraix is not just about freestyle and going big. “A lot of people misinterpret our goals. We also support ATV racing. In fact we are actually sponsoring some amateur racers.” He said.

The tricks are second to none and the cinematography in Fallout 3 is top notch. The soundtrack is good and the video is suitable for all ages. In all, the Fallout 3 is definitely the best quality video that Akraix has put out, but it still doesn’t seem to have the heart and soul of the Fallout 1. “Fallout 3 has the best quality and content yet, we spent a lot of time making it, but Fallout 1 will always be special to us because it was the first and we put everything we had into that video.” Said Derek when asked which video of the series is his favorite. The Fallout 3 is definitely geared to a younger audience but it is very entertaining and is worth the purchase price of $27.95.

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