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2009 Kawasaki KFX 450R ATV Project Build -  Part 1 Suspension
The Kawasaki KFX 450R ATV has been earning respect on the track and trail as a potent package in stock form that meets the needs of many riders today. Ofcourse if you are a racer at heart or just want to build your self one bully of a machine, it is an excellent starting platform for one to turn into a beast.

ITP Terra Cross RT ATV / UTV Tire Product Review
    ITP Tires has been at the forefront in the ATV/UTV tire market and for good reason, their tires work! Whether you are a racer or a trail-riding enthusiast, you can bet ITP has a tire to fit your needs. The new Terra Cross RT was offered to us for a review, and we couldn't wait to mount them on our Outlander 500

    There has been there has been a limited selection of tires available on the market for the smaller (Mini) wheel size until now. Recently, Maxxis released the all new Razr Cross performance sport ATV tire, which we discovered for the first time trackside at Round 5 of the WORCS ATV Series.

    The HydroDynamics guys were interested in getting some feed back on there new complete front suspension system. We were very interested in trying out this setup to see how well it would perform against the other aftermarket suspension products that we sell. Check out C&D Racing's Full Review!

Elka 400ex ATV Linkage Kit
     You do not have to be a shock technician nor do you need special tools to install this kit. Place the shock in a vice, back the preload off completely and remove the bottom spring retainer. Read the full Review!

Herman Racing ATV Bearing Carrier
     Sooner or later it happens to everyone.. You hear a funny noise in the back of your quad while riding, or perhaps your adjusting your chain and notice some play in your rear bearings. Read the full Review!

Meszaro's Motorsports ATV Axle Nut
     Check out our review of Meszaro's Axle Nut for the 400ex. Will it finally solve our loose axle nut problems? Read the full Review!

Herrrmann Racing ATV +1 A-Arms
     After some research I settled on +1 arms from Herrmann Racing. I gained a little width for stability, and also adjustable camber.. They offer the arms powdercoated any color you could possibly dream of, so it was easy to get a set that matched my freshly powdercoated gloss black frame. Read the full Review!

Maxxis Razr Rear ATV Tires
     Find out exactly how well Maxxis' Razr rear tires hook up. Read the full Review!

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