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Alpinestars Tech 7 Boots Product Review
    Before purchasing the Tech 7 boots, I have been already wearing a pair of Tech 6 boots for 2 years. From the outside, there is little difference from the two, with the newer Tech 7 having some vents above the ankle. Comfort and fit is snug, but not stiff.

    H-Bomb Flims, Wes Miller, followed the entire 2006 ATV Motocross National Series to document what it takes to make it among the Pro ATV Ranks in the era of factory support as the level of commitment and sacrifice has risen to another level in the new era of ATV Racing

    Carpe Diem 2 is about an hour long and has plenty to offer for any ATV enthusiast who can’t get enough ATV video action. Featuring, Bam Margara, Jeremiah Jones, Doug Gust, Chad Wienen and many more.

Trail Tech HID ATV Lighting System
    When the Team raced the 6 Hours of ATV America and 12 Hours of ATV America race, we knew several hours of each race would be held after dark. We decided to remove the stock lighting system and replace it with the Trail Tech HID (High Intensity Discharge) lights. Find out how they did!

H-Bomb Films Huevos 8 ATV DVD Review
    With the recent release of Huevos 8ight, Wes Miller and his crew dropped a bomb on the ATV film industry with a yield that makes it hard to take any other video seriously. Check out what we thought of it.

Akraix's The Fallout DVD
    The video is an all-out freeriding affair with a freestyle flavor that takes place in locations that some of us only dream of visiting. Also featured is a squadron of riders that all seem to have escaped from their local insane asylums. Read the full Review!

    Tired of loading your ATV by hand? Tired of those home-made ramps? We know that we were. They are made out of aluminum, so they are very light. Rated at 1000 pounds, the can handle an ATV very easily. Read the full Review!

Xtreme ATV Race Gear
    We highly recommend this gear to anyone looking for some new gear. To find out why, read the full Review!
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