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Alpinestars Motocross Tech 7 Boots Review

Alpinestars Tech 7 Boots Product Review
(written by Mark Rolland)

Alpinestars Motocross Tech 7 Boots Review
Alpinestars Tech 7 Boots
If you’ve been in the off-road world longer than five minutes, or attended any race, you’ve seen those boots with the letter “a” and a star as a symbol for Alpinestars. They are no doubt one of the biggest names in racing, whether it’s for boots or leather suits for super street bikes.

The Tech series boots have been around for a long time, and Alpinestars offers Tech Series boots for every budget, from the Tech 3 which sells for $169 to their newest release, the Tech 10 at $459. For years the most popular among many racers was the Tech 8; it’s the one that has a bootie that your foot must first go into, before putting your foot in the boot, and the Tech 10 also requires a bootie, which has become popular for many, but just didn't feel natural to me, so with the release of the Tech 7, which doesn't have a bootie, but many of the high quality features found on the Tech 10, it was a must buy with a Tech 7's priced at an affordable $289, which is $170 less than the Tech 10..

Before purchasing the Tech 7 boots, I have been already wearing a pair of Tech 6 boots for 2 years. From the outside, there is little difference from the two, with the newer Tech 7 having some vents above the ankle. Comfort and fit is snug, but not stiff. On the first ride with the Tech 7 boots, I had to walk around some, shooting photos throughout the ride. Walking was not uncomfortable, and by the end of the ride it seemed that the break-in period was nearly complete. I remember the Tech 6’s not taking long to break in either, which is comes hand and hand with the quality of the Alpinestasr Tech series product line.

Alpinestars Motocross Tech 7 Boots Review
Alpinestar Tech 7 Boots are available in four different color combination & Sizes 5 -16, which provides plenty of options to fit nearly everyone foot and/or color style

Boot features may seem fairly simple, until you’ve tried a few other brands and found out that cutting corners ends up in less comfort. Both pairs of Alpinestars I’ve had, fit without any pinch. I can’t say that for other name brands, who only make one boot and try to keep the price point at low as possible. Tech 7’s feature full-grain leather with impact abrasion resistant PU shell, you’ll appreciate that when flying rocks or twigs hit your shin.

Alpinestars Motocross Tech 7 Boots Review
Alpinestars Motocross Tech 7 Boots Review
Tech 10 technology rubber Outsole is is replaceable and provides added traction for on and off your ATV
Tech 7 provide plenty of heel protection yet an Achilles flex zone provides for fluid motion of your foot for walking

As a taller rider, I appreciate the contoured calf protector plate. It has PU injected into it, which helps protect any impact that may occur with the back of the leg. (The taller you are, the further your leg sticks out, becoming an easier target for other riders). Another feature that some may appreciate is; I’ve heard where some people broke a latch from one Tech boot and replaced it from another. But personally, in the nine years I’ve been wearing boots, I’ve yet to break a latch or snap.

This boot may seem pricy, but you really do get a lot for your money. Knowing that the pair of Tech 6’s I had and after two years, were still working fine, just scratched and very worn. It reassured me that the Tech 7 will be worth the money and last a while. You can visit your local motorcycle dealer or log onto to see which Tech series boot might be best for you.

Alpinestars Boots

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