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Propper A-TACS AU Pattern Tactical / Hunting Clothing Review's Ken Hill reveiws Propper A-TACS AU Pattern Tactical / Hunting clothing aboard a Kawasaki Brute Force 700 Utility ATV. "I had been searching for a new pattern that I could try when I noticed an image of a fellow photographer who was sent a set of Propper brand clothing in their A-TACS AU pattern. I decided to take a chance that this pattern would work well for me and ordered a set for myself.

2013 Fly Racing F-16 P& Patrol ATV Riding Review recently received a box of new 2013 riding gear from Fly Racing. Inside the package were a couple pairs of riding gear from their new 2013 Fly Racing Riding Gear line including the new F-16 and over the boot Patrol riding gear. Each set featured Fly’s unique styling and design features.

2013 Fly Racing F-16 P& Patrol ATV Riding Review
For us, FLY Racing gear has always been a top performer over the years and when this season was about to get underway, we turned to them for an order of their gear that had us hoping would last all season.

GCD (Tinner's) Air Scoops
We put GCD (Tinner) Air Ssoops to the test. Read the full Review!
We saw an add for this stuff and decided to give it a try. It was a lot of work, Oh yeah, but are we happy with the results? Read the full Review!

FTM Headlight Covers for the 400EX (Honda 300EX ATV Review)
They fit well, they look good, and they seem to offer decent protection.What more could you want from a headlight guard? Read the full Review!

Factory Effex Graphics / Seat Cover Kit Review
We ordered the Graphics Kit and Seat Cover for the 400ex directly from Factory Effex. They were extremely curtious and pleasant to do business with. But, is the product as good as their attitude? Read the full Review!

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