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H-Bomb Films "Huevos TEN"
ATV DVD Product Review

Huevos 10 DVD Links
For over a decade, Wes Miller and H-Bomb Films have been putting out films that continuously raise the bar for videos in the ATV world and Miller’s latest addition to the Huevos family is no exception.

Huevos 10 is the best quality film that has come from H-Bomb so far, and anyone else for that matter. ““It’s always fun to use new technology and equipment when we are out there filming. We used a new high speed HD camera and shot the entire film in HD.” Stated Wes Miller about his latest creation. “I like to think that it gets better with each film we put out.” He concluded.

What makes the Huevos series stand out is the variety of locations and different types of riding that are incorporated into the videos. “I always like to try and showcase all different types of riding and racing. If you stick to just one or two things it seems to get too repetitive and doesn’t appeal to all people. I want to make a film that’s enjoyable for everyone to watch.” Said Miller.

The locations in Huevos 10 were shot all over the U.S., Mexico, England, Argentina and Costa Rica, and includes footage of freestyle, racing, free riding and dunes. One of the most memorable race segments for Miller is the Argentina Beach Race. “There is no other race like it anywhere. It’s a five mile course and you get 600 quads on the line and they all take off at once while 50,000 fans are there cheering them on. It’s really something!” Said Wes.

Wes Miller explored many exotic beaches for the filming of Huevos 10 from the beaches of Argentina and Costa Rico along with the stateside Oregon Dunes

One thing that was a little disheartening for Miller while in Argentina was that when he and his crew were at the beach race, there were vendors that were selling pirated copies of the Huevos series. “It’s a problem in the states, but I think the international market is the worst for pirating because there’s really nothing we can do to stop it.” Said Wes. “All of us film makers put a lot of time and effort into making these videos, and it sucks when people pirate them because it effects the producers of these films financially and if it keeps up and gets worse, eventually the film makers won’t be able to make any more films.”

The one thing that sets Huevos 10 apart from all the other newly released DVDs for 2007 is its wide range of focus. It doesn't focus on just freestyle or motocross, but instead, viewers can enjoy a wide spectrum of ATV action from woods, desert, sand, mud, hills, and motocross tracks from around the world, which keeps you glued to the screen just waiting to find out what will be the next unique location and featured riders

While Costa Rica and Argentina are at the top of Wes’s favorite exotic locations to film, Danimal’s in northern CA is his favorite location in the states. “Every time we leave Danimal’s we feel like we’ve changed the sport and raised the bar.” Wes affirmed. “The guys keep hitting bigger and bigger jumps…it’s crazy. They are hitting 200ft jumps and just a couple years ago 100ft was thought to be impossible.” He declared.

Speaking of big jumps; one of the more impressive jumps in the video was shot in Minnesota and features a Renegade hitting a huge 100 footer. “It’s definitely something you really don’t want to crash while attempting.” Joked Miller. Besides the 100 foot utility jump, Huevos 10 also includes some amazing footage of the WPSA’s Quad Terrain Challenge. “The QTC is fun to shoot and it’s cool because it’s different than other types of racing.” Said Wes.

Wes Miller took a trip to Doug Gust playground in Wisconsin, which will make any ATV enthusiast jealous to watch
Wes Miller also does a small segment on a former ATV great, Marty Hart, racing CORR Trucks, which was a nice touch

Once again, H-Bomb Films has done an excellent job in putting out a quality product that appeals to the masses. There’s plenty of diversity and excitement to entertain any ATV enthusiast, no matter what type of riding they enjoy.

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