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Review of the Pro-Fab ATV's Heavy Duty 400ex Timing Chain
(written by ATVRiders Staff)

ProFab Timing Chain vs StockPro Fab ATV in Lancaster, Ohio is one of the hottest up and coming engine builders (for both recreation and race) and fabrication shops in the ATV industry. Scott Smith, the owner of Pro Fab, contacted me about writing a couple reviews on their products and after all the great things I had heard about his shop - I jumped on the chance! Scott has made his stellar reputation on Honda four strokes - so when he talks we listen!

Scott sent us one of his new heavy duty timing chains for the Honda 400ex. He informed us that a stock 400ex timing chain is notorious for stretching, and with an even slightly built engine the timing chain will often stretch so far as to become a real problem. Scott told us that his new heavy duty timing chain is significantly stronger and more durable than the stock timing chain, and only costs $89.00, a paltry $9.00 more than a new stock timing chain which can be purchased for $80.00.

Pro Fab's new 400ex timing chain is a high quality, heavy duty, extremely durable alternative to the weak and easily stretchable stock 400ex timing chain. This new timing chain is a little more than a 1/8 of an inch thicker than the stock timing chain, and is the same length. Installation is the same as when installing the stock timing chain, and there is no need to make a timing advancement when installing it.

In summary, Pro Fab's new heavy duty timing chain is a beautifully crafted, highly durable, and best of all CHEAP replacement for your stock 400ex timing chain. This is a highly recommended, and inexpensive, upgrade for anyone considering doing even the most sedate engine work to their quad. Costing only $9.00 more than a new stock timing chain, this robust and durable part will give you the peace of mind that is priceless whether on the trail or the track. To order this heavy duty timing chain call Scott at Pro Fab, at 740-654-0734, and tell him EXriders sent you! Check out their website at

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