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RTC Racing

RTC Clutch Levers

RTC Racing Clutch Lever & Perch

9/12/03 - If you ride for any extended period of time with any OEM clutch lever, you will find it becomes very difficult to operate at the end of the day. I spent a year experimenting with different clutch levers to find the one that was the easy to pull. After trying the numerous different “Easy Pull” levers, CR250 lever, and XR250 lever, I finally tried the RTC Lever. I was reluctant at first because of the $54.95 price tag, but once I installed it, I found out that it was well worth every cent. The clutch pull was so easy that it could be done with just my pinky finger

Construction and Features:

The RTC Clutch Perch and Lever are aluminum like most levers, but the RTC lever has several advantages. The thing I like the best was that the pivot section of the lever that the mounting bolt goes through was thick like factory ATV lever. Most aftermarket levers are very thin there, like the CR250, and they break easily. Also, the RTC Lever itself has crosshatching on the lever face for improved grip. Finally, clutch adjuster is Star shaped which allows for the clutch release to be adjusted with you fingers and not the need for tools.


Removing the old lever and installing the RTC lever was very easy, and the clearly written instructions and illustrations described how to properly install clutch cable to the lever. I was able to remove the change the lever in about ten minutes.


WOW, the RTC clutch assembly is totally amazing. RTC claims that it reduces clutch pull effort by 40-45% and I believe it. When I have other riders pull my clutch to compare to theirs, they are amazed at how easy it is to pull. One fellow rider had a Hydraulic clutch and thought it was awesome until he rode my quad. The RTC clutch lever assembly is hands down the best I have ever used. I have been using the same Perch and Lever for over two years and it is only now starting to show some wear on the lever itself.

RTC Brake Lever

RTC Racing Adjustable Brake Lever

When I first started riding, I always used my rear brakes because I didn’t feel comfortable using my front brakes for several reasons. First, I had to pull brake lever almost to the grips to get them to lock up. Also, the lever was angled to far out for me to easily reach out and grab it in a hurry. Finally, I would have a hard time gripping it on a muddy ride. Since, I liked my RTC clutch lever so much, I decided to give the RTC brake lever a try. Again, the RTC brake levers aren’t cheap at $39.95, but there is a reason. The quality of the material and design it well worth the expensive.

Construction and Features:

The RTC Brake Lever is made from aluminum like most levers, but it is has several advantages over a stock lever. First, the lever can be adjusted closer or farther from the handle bars for riders with small or large hands. Also, amount of pull can be adjusted for a faster or slower brake response. The lever is shorter than factory levers and has crosshatching on the lever face for improved grip.


Installing the RTC brake lever was extremely easy with the clearly written instructions and illustrations. I just removed the brake lever bolt and removed the factory lever and installed the RTC lever in its place. The most difficult part was deciding how close I want the lever to the grips and how fast I wanted it to engage. The adjustments were easy to make with a screw driver and wrench. The installation took only minutes and the adjustment was easy, but I spent about a while setting the lever at different positions and pulls to see what felt better.


The RTC adjustable brake lever has definitely been a great improvement to my ATV. This past weekend, I give credit to my RTC lever for enabling me to win a GNCC race. The last three laps of the race I only had front brakes on a very fast track and the lever worked flawlessly to allow me to quickly and accurately control my front brakes in the turns and on the down hills. I was able to easily lockup my front brakes with out a lot of pressure, and my hand didn’t become fatigued like it use too with the factory lever. The crosshatching on the lever allowed me to easily get a grip on it in the muddy conditions. The RTC front lever is a must have for anyone serious about racing or wanting very responsive and controllable front brakes.
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