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2011 CanAm Commander 1000  & 800  SxS /. UTV

2012 CanAm Commander 1000 Limited SxS / UTV Test Ride Review

Taylorsville, NC - The competitive world of the Side-by-Side market has been increasingly growing and sending manufacturers into a frenzy with upgrades and more power in order to be top dog. While relatively new to the UTV market, Can-Am has already raised the bar and set a new standard with its release of the 2012 Can-Am Commander 1000 Limited.

While most of the UTV market have a specific niche such as racing, working or recreational, Can-Am has added another category to the Side-by-Side genre in the way of the “luxury” UTV with its introduction of the Commander 1000 Limited, the Cadillac of Side-by-Sides.

2012 CanAm Commander 1000  Limited  SxS /. UTV
When we arrived at the ride location, a fleet of 2012 Can-Am Commander 1000, 1000XT, 1000 X, & 1000 Limited models were lined up for testing

We at were fortunate enough to be invited out to Can-Am’s press event to test ride the new Commander 1000 Limited and see what this new model had to offer. The chosen location for our ride was the rocky trails of Brushy Mountain Motor Sports Park just outside of Hickory, North Carolina.

2012 CanAm Commander 1000  Limited  SxS /. UTV
2012 CanAm Commander 1000  Limited  SxS /. UTV
The 2012 Can-Am Commander 1000 Limited is built for "Luxury" on the open trail with features like GPS, Speakers, iPod hook up, & on-the-fly adjustable Fox Racing Shox

2012 CanAm Commander 1000  Limited  SxS /. UTV
With a wheelbase of 75.8" the Can-Am Commander had to squeeze threw some of the ATV Trails at Brushy Mount Motor Sports Park in North Carolina
The area had miles upon miles of trails, but many were too narrow for a Side-by-Side unit, but the several mile loop that we were to use was more than adequate to give the Commander 1000 Limited a work out and test its capabilities with plenty of elevation changes, water breaks and rocky trails.

When we got our first visual of the machine we were pretty impressed with the styling and automotive inspired paint scheme that looked awesome. We were very anxious to get some seat time in with this unit and one of the things we wanted to test out the most was the new Air Controlled Suspension system with Fox Racing Shox. The Air Control Suspension has six pre-set, custom suspension levels to tune the high-pressure gas shocks for load hauling and trail conditions. The driver selects the desired amount of preload pressure (1 through 6) via the LCD display and gauge. In addition, there is an air hose that is attached to the air compressor located under the driver’s seat that can be used to fill tires out on the trail, which can come in quite handy if you get a flat while out riding.

2012 CanAm Commander 1000  Limited  SxS /. UTV
2012 CanAm Commander 1000  Limited  SxS /. UTV
The Can-Am 1000 Limited features a digital instrument gauge that shows your current speed, shock settings, & much more
The Fox Shox air compressor under the drivers seat can also save you from being stranded out on the trail with a flat tire

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