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2014 Yamaha Viking 700 4x4 EPS SxS
2014 Yamaha Viking 700 EPS SxS Test Drive Review

There is no steering wheel adjustment in the Viking, but the driver’s seat is adjustable to accommodate different size drivers. The doors on the Viking are easy to open and close, latch well and give a good sense of security.

2014 Yamaha Viking 700
2014 Yamaha Viking dash is well designed with the parking park, gear selector, and digital display all accessible & well placed

The inside of the Yamaha Viking is nicely equipped as well. The dash gauges and dials are easy to see and read. The multifunctional LCD panel includes a speedometer, odometer, dual trip meter, hour meter, 4WD indicator, Transmission position and clock and fuel gauge. There are cup holders located on each side of the Viking, a glove compartment and a center storage compartment, which provide ample storage.

2014 Yamaha Viking
2014 Yamaha Viking
The Yamaha Viking features a large glove compartment
There are two water bottle holders on each side of the Yamaha Viking

Now that we were all buckled in, it was time to see what the fuel injected engine had to offer, and we did quickly notice there was quite a bit of vibration at idle, but that disappeared completely once the vehicle was in motion as the Yamaha engineers were looking to dramatically reduce the vibration while driving, which they accomplished, but it does have plenty of vibration at idle, which is easily solved by turning it off while stopped for an extended period of time.

2014 Yamaha Viking

The Yamaha Viking is powered by a 686cc single overhead cam engine

The Yamaha Viking is still powered by the 686cc single overhead cam liquid cooled engine found in the Yamaha Rhino 700, but Yamaha has made several upgrades to the engine to increase its performance for the Yamaha Viking. Yamaha has increased the compression to 10:1, and they optimized the air intake system along with an efficient cooling system to maintain performance.

On our test drive, we took the Yamaha Viking from just over 4,000 feet in elevation to 8,000 feet in elevation, and the Viking provided plenty of power to make the climb, and the Yamaha Viking provided a very smooth and fluid power, which made for an enjoyable drive. Since the Yamaha Viking was designed as a multi-purpose vehicle and not a high performance sport machine, it only had a top speed of 52 MPH in high gear and 38 MPH in low, but it had plenty of power for everything we put it through despite losing 15 to 25 percent of its potential power due to our high elevation test drive. We felt that Yamaha Viking would provide plenty of power for recreational use such as hunting, fishing, camping as well as working on a farm.

2014 Yamaha Viking 700
The Red Reflet Ranch proved to be a great location for testing the Yamaha Viking with its varied terrain and several thousand feet of elevation change

We also were impressed with the engine braking, which engaged as soon as you let off the accelerator. It was great for going downhill if you are hauling cargo and want to go slow, and it also helps to reduce premature brake wear and overheating with the Yamaha Viking’s engine braking.

2014 Yamaha Viking 700
The Yamaha Viking's engine braking worked great on some of the big downhills

The Yamaha Ultramatic Transmission is one of the best CVT systems available with its Centrifugal clutch that keeps tension on the belt to reduce belt wear and heat. Also, unlike many other SxS models, you don’t need to worry about constantly shifting into low gear when climbing a hill or risk burning up your belt. The Yamaha CVT is designed to handle to the abuse, and it works extremely well.
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