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2014 Yamaha Viking 700 4x4 EPS SxS
2014 Yamaha Viking 700 EPS SxS Test Drive Review

While the Yamaha Viking is an excellent recreational UTV, it is also an impressive work horse. The large steel cargo bed is not only sturdy, with a load capacity of 600 pounds, but is also roomy enough to carry several hay bales. We put four bales of hay on our test vehicle and found we could easily have carried six. There are several tie downs located in the bed as well to keep your cargo secure. Something we thought was really great about the metal cargo bed is that anyone can customize it and weld on any attachments that they feel they made need for work or play. The Viking also includes an automotive style receiver hitch and has an impressive towing capacity of 1500 pounds.

2014 Yamaha Viking 700
We loaded up the Yamaha Viking with several bales of hay along with three passengers to see how it performed with a load & we would say the suspension performed better when it was loaded

Yamaha definitely designed the Viking to be work capable, and there load capacities aren’t just figures on paper that are only applicable if you are driving the Yamaha Viking on level ground at slow speeds. Yamaha Viking is more than capable of handling these loads over various terrain at a reasonable speed, and we loaded up the Viking with three people along with several hundred pounds in the bed, and it still had plenty of power and handled great, and the suspension as mentioned before worked even better with the added weight, which is important for those looking to really use the Viking for working on the farmer or hunters hauling in a big game animal that could weigh well over 600lbs, and they need to get it back to camp from the mountains.

2014 Yamaha Viking 700
The Yamaha Viking is ready to work with a 600 lbs cargo bed capacity & 1,500 lbs towing capacity

2014 Yamaha Viking

The Yamaha Viking SxS features one of the best tires on the market the Maxxis Big Horn 2.0 tires, but these are constructed to Yamaha specific specs

Also, if you are planning on driving in rugged terrain, you need a tire than can handle the abuse and provide excellent traction, and Yamaha hit the mark with the custom Maxxis Bighorn 2.0 tires. The AT25x8-12 fronts and AT25x10-12 rear tires performed excellent, and had plenty of traction on our ride, and we didn’t experience any flat tires.

As usual, Yamaha already has a nice assortment of aftermarket parts and goodies for the Viking with more in the works. Our particular unit was equipped with a half windshield, and most of the Viking models come with a suntop roof, which was a plus when we encountered some rain while on our test drive.

Overall we really liked the Yamaha Viking. It is a good quality, all-purpose machine, and with a base model MSRP of just $11,499 and $12,499 with EPS, it is a very affordable SxS vehicle that has plenty to offer for the price.. Whether you are hunting, camping, fishing, cruising the trails or working hard, the 2014 Yamaha Viking will not disappoint.

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