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2010 Yamaha YFZ450X Project Build

Yamaha Project YFZ450X : Maxxis Razr Xc GNCC ATV Tire Review

Round two would see much different terrain then found in the Florida sand. After one race, the tires showed absolutely no signs of wear proving the sandy track wasn't an ideal soil to fully test in. The Georgia clay would prove to be better and once again we got some great feedback from a more familiar soil. Traction is solid and our rider reported that at times, there may have been to much bite as the clay tacked up and the tires bite offered a ton of forward traction. Getting them to slide took a bit of effort seemed to be the biggest negative we found. The fronts offered excellent steering and as the slick clay posed a challenge, lack of control was never an issue.

Maxxis Razr Xc ATV Tires
We hit the trails at the first few round of the Grand National Cross Country series with our 2010 Yamaha YFZ450X Project build to test out Maxxis' new Xc cross country tires

Finally getting the project YFZ home and on a track our rider is intimately familiar with, we could get down to business and thrash these tires. In a very un-scientific way, our tire testing here is closely looked at with regard to how big of ruts they churn up after 20 laps. I can tell you that knee deep is a term spoken after the first ride! More laps were put in and feedback remained consistent with no issues found.

Maxxis Razr Xc ATV Tires
Maxxis Razr Xc ATV Tires
After several rugged 2 hour GNCC races the new Maxxis Razr Xc Tires showed no wear or damage from sharp rocks along the trail

With over 8 hours on the tires they still had no signs of appreciable wear and no damage even after churning up sharp rocks and digging in an already worn track. The sidewalls seem solid with no noticeable roll and good sidewall bite and they respond well to air pressure changes.

Maxxis has produced another great tire for those that race cross country or want an aggressive trail riding tire. The new rear model is designated the RSO8 Razr XC and is offered in a 20x11x9 size with 6 ply construction. The fronts carry the RSO7 XC number and are of 6 ply construction as well. These new tires should suit both GNCC and WORCS racers well as it is their intended target.

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