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2010 Yamaha YFZ450X Project Build

Yamaha Project YFZ450X : Maxxis Razr Xc GNCC ATV Tire Review
We Put the New Maxxis Razr Cross Country Tires to the Test

Yamaha YFZ450X Project Build ATV Links
Maxxis Razr Xc ATV Tires
Maxxis Razr Xc ATV Tires
Hedgesville, WV (9/2/2011) - In anticipation of our 2011 racing season, we were offered the chance to try out the new cross country based tire from Maxxis on our project Yamaha YFZ 450X. At first glance, I could tell they had indeed been paying attention to what the top racers in the GNCC series had been doing to their own tires as the tread pattern now almost mimicked the custom grooving found throughout the pits of the countries top racers. Gone is the need to open up the lugs on the rear tires for even better grip as well as the hassle one under takes to either borrow the equipment needed or the expense to purchase grooving equipment.

Our first ride on the new tires would be in the sand of Florida, not exactly the best terrain to test out a cross country based tire but that is where we found ourselves getting our first feel of how well they worked. Thankfully the first round of GNCC racing offers a practice session and our rider would at least have a chance to get a feel for the bite these tires offer.

Maxxis Razr Xc ATV Tires
Maxxis Razr Xc ATV Tires
The new Razr Xc tires worked well even down the sandy Flordia trails

Initial impressions were that they hook great even in the loose sand and steering was positive. With little in the way of testing time, we were encouraged to try running a lower tire pressure and immediately the feedback was positive. Even more traction was found and we would complete the two hour race with out any tire issues.

Maxxis Razr Xc ATV Tires
Maxxis Razr Xc ATV Tires
Maxxis took to the Pro GNCC pits to do some research and design the new Maxxis Razr Xc Cross Country ATV Tire


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