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Yoshimura PIM-2 and D.A.T.A. Box Reveiw

Yoshimura PIM-2 & DATA EFI Controller Box Product Review

The one aspect of running this system that you will want to pre plan is having the ability to either weld in the Air/Fuel -Oxygen Sensor bung or have it done for you by a local welder. The process was handled here and took only a few minutes to TIG in and installed at the recommended location detailed in the instructions.
Removing and re-installing the fenders took longer than installing the system and soon we were ready for a test ride. "Even better" were the muffled words coming from behind the rider’s helmet as he stopped briefly to relay his thoughts? No doubt the installed MAP had done its job. That was a big relief off my mind as I was now confident we could run the ATV as hard as we wanted without fear of carnage!

Yoshimura RS-5 Exhaust Header
oshimura RS-5 Exhaust Header

The Yoshimura PIM-2 Air/Fuel - Oxygen Sensor Bung was easily welded into place on the Yoshimura RS-5 Exhaust system

The system itself is comprised of the harness, the D.A.T.A. box and the PIM-2 system and is a complete system, meaning you won’t be running to the parts store for this or that. It includes a mounting bracket as well as Velcro and wire ties to keep things in place as well. The PIM-2 and D.A.T.A controllers will allow you to infinitely tune your fuel system for peak power. The PIM-2 and D.A.T.A controllers come pre loaded with two maps. Other maps are available for download from Yoshimura if needed. For us, the complete system seems to be more then adequate and its self tuning sure beats changing jets! We can now visit Yoshimura's website and tailor our system to our set up or change to a new set up if our needs change.

Suzuki LTR 450R

We could feel an immediate difference on our Project Suzuki LTR 450R with the Yoshimura PIM-2 and D.A.TA. Box installed

Now the downside....the price. Nothing these days is cheap and this type of system will make you cringe. With a MSRP of $329.00 for the PIM-2 and $429.00 for the D.A.T.A system, it is far from cheap, but you do get a system that allows infinite control and tune ability with Yoshimura backing it all up with outstanding service and industry leading quality. This is the downfall of EFI and ATV's but from the number of these systems on the market it must be worth it right? Without a dyno to back up our "seat" dyno, we can only speculate. The inexpensive "Cherry Bomb" works extremely well but it alone can't handle the changes needed when you start building the engine as we fully expect to do when this one starts showing signs of getting tired. So in our opinion, if you plan to make significant changes to the engine then this system gets a big thumb up from us.

Now I have to question if any real gain came from the system itself, but that is not the whole picture. Having the control and safety built in is and for that I feel it is worth the money, maybe not the price but you get the point! The proof in the pudding should come alive once the engine is built and we need the adjustability this system is designed for.

To learn more about the PIM-2 and D.A.T.A Box please visit

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