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Yoshimura PIM-2 and D.A.T.A. Box Reveiw

Yoshimura PIM-2 & DATA EFI Controller Box Product Review
We Step up the Power on Our Project Suzuki LTR 450R ATV with Yoshimura

Yoshimura PIM-2 and D.A.T.A. EFI Controller Box
Yoshimura PIM-2 and D.A.T.A. EFI Controller Box
Chino, CA (12/17/2010) - Our project Suzuki LTR 450R has been serving us well over these many months since it fell into the role of test mule for We had in a previous article installed the Cherry Bomb and removed the baffle from the exhaust to pick up some power. That change was quite noticeable and well received by our test rider and all was well with the world! Of course things never seem to stay the same nor shall I say one is never content with the amount of power one has and we found ourselves in possession of an aftermarket exhaust system.

We rolled the dice that the cherry bomb would be sufficient enough to help keep us from scattering our engine due to the new breathing capabilities our new found system would afford. Just to be safe we left the air box lid on and gave the whole shebang a whirl. To my delight it sounded crisp, never made a single hiccup and our rider was quite impressed with the new found acceleration. The reports were outstanding and I decided to see what the hype was and in no time I was shaking my head at the end of a 5th gear run that had me agreeing that this quad was now definitely in the quick department!

Suzuki LTR 450R ATV
Yoshimura PIM-2 and D.A.T.A Box EFI Controller

Yoshimura made the installation of the PIM-2 & D.A.TA. Box very easy and pain free!

Awaking from my sleep that night with visions of a scattered engine, I swore that I would make the calls the next day to get us some form of fuel management system in place so my wallet did not scream foul and become an empty pit of leather. A Yoshimura PIM-2 complete system along with the D.A.T.A box was ordered and soon we were ready to dive into the installation process. Nightmare number two came the night the system arrived as I tossed and turned with visions of wires attacking me, wire cutters and electrical tape gone wild, it was not making me look forward to tackling the job!

Opening the boxes had me feeling much better when I laid eyes on the factory connections and one sole ground wire that made up the wiring harness. With the front fenders removed, and a quick read through the included instructions, we began our adventure. I kind of felt like a real mechanic as I was soon unhooking fuel injector connections and this wire and that wire but it is really self explanatory once you figure out which connections are being employed as the PIM system is piggy backed into the stock harness.

Yoshimura PIM-2 and D.A.T.A Box

Yoshimura supplies everything you need to mount up the PIM-2 & D.A.T.A Box

Installation stated by Yoshimura is 30 minutes and we were within seconds of that before we turned the key and fired it to life. The biggest thing to watch for during installation is spilling fuel from the gas tank, pinching fuel lines during reassembly and making sure that the harness is run in such a way that it won’t cause issues (rubbing, pinching or contacting a heat source).
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