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Propper A-TACS AU Pattern Tactical / Hunting Clothing Review

Quality is top notch, I have used Propper brand gear for many years and it can withstand all the abuse you need it to. With the United States military being supplied by Propper, you can buy with confidence that the cost is worth paying a little more then lesser quality gear.

Propper A-TACS AU Pattern Gear
Propper A-TACS AU Pattern is great to disappear in the White Oaks of West Virginia

I decided to have a small test of how well this pattern worked and I headed down to my woods and told my son where I would be and for him to start walking down the main trail after a few minutes to see if he could spot me. I backed up to a nice big white oak and when I saw him coming I merely tilted my head down to allow the Boonie hat to block my face. He stood 100 yards away and couldn't see me, again at 50 yards and finally I walked off the tree when he finally picked me off.

Even knowing it was me, he stated that at first he took me for mere movement proving how effective camo can be. Hey, this wasn't a scientific test, just a quick observation that had me confident I could blend in and get past the wary eyes of the local wildlife which is a much harder task then fooling a teenager!

West Virginia Squirrel
West Virginia Squirrel
Several playful squirrels got within arms distance of me in the Propper A-TACS AU Gear

A few days passed and I decided to hit the woods to get some wildlife images decked out in my fancy new gear. I was barely settled in at the base of a tree when a Squirrel all but used me for a landing pad as he jumped to the ground. I've had that happen before however I noticed within a few minutes I had several of them within arms reach, so close that I was unable to even get images of them. These rascals get hunted here hard and just the day before were no where to be seen when my boys sat in the same area hoping to get a few for supper. I could tell this camo was working.

Kawasaki Brute Force 750 Utility ATV
We geared up in the Propper A-TACS AU hunting gear, climbed aboard our 2013 Kawasaki Brute Force 750 4x4 Utility ATV & hit the trail to a deer stand to truely test how well we could blend in while hunting for deer

The next test was an early season bow hunt in a stand that has been giving us problems for several seasons. The deer just seem to pick us out of that stand unless the planets align and we do a voodoo dance. Walking in, I decided I was going to give this gear a go even if it meant getting busted one more time. In fairness, it is a great rifle stand but as stated, hard to get past the deer's eyes when they get close enough for a bow shot.

With advancements in base layers with scent control, I fully intend to use this gear until the cold weather forces me to switch to much heavier insulated clothing although one could get a size or two larger and layer up the long johns. Matching up my gear to my local needs is the key to me getting close and not being picked off whether I am hunting with my bow or my Nikon. Make sure you give Propper a good look when you decide to add some more gear to your arsenal of hunting apparel!

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