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Propper A-TACS AU Pattern Tactical / Hunting Clothing Review

Titmouse Bird
Many birds including this titmouse were unaware how close we were to them in the Propper A-TACS AU Pattern Camo

I hadn't been in the stand again for more then a few minutes when I felt the flutter of wings near my head. It was a Black Capped Chickadee and it landed on the brim of my hat. Its mate glided in and took up a perch on my bow. I can't tell you how many hundreds of hours I have invested sitting in all forms of weather trying to capture these little suckers on film. They were quickly joined by a pair of Tufted Tit Mice that danced from limb to limb all within a few feet and seemed to careless about me being there.

Time passed and the little birds rolled out and I found myself swatting at mosquitoes that were not fooled by my stealth. I've hunted long enough to know better but between the gnats and skeeters, I was feeling like an evening snack and my only salvation was a few fruitless swipes at the pesky pests.

West Virginia Buck
Just as we were going to call it a day, a nice looking buck showed up & continued to walk under our deer stand!

Slight movement caught my eye and a small buck was approaching from my right. I have no idea how long he had been there but he was feeding right to me from the side of the stand that is wide open. I figured here we go, if he doesn't bust me he is either stupid or my choice of camo pattern was going to work. Just like every deer that comes from that direction, he gave me those long stares, the kind that make you wish you were invisible! Seventy five yards fifty and closing and he still hadn't busted me. At thirty yards he was looking right up at me as I became a statue and slowly shut my eyes until every thing was a sliver of a blur.

West Virginia Buck
The buck didn't seem to notice us in the stand with the Propper A-TACS AU hunting gear. It got close enough to take a shot, but the shot didn't hit our mark which left the deer for another day

A few seconds passed and with a flick of his tail and a few turns of his ears his head was down and feeding again. The wind swirled but he hadn't figured out I was 20 feet above him ready to drive a broadhead into his chest. He made a wider arc then I wanted but was now moving broadside at thirty yards. I came to full draw when he looked away and settled the pin behind his shoulder and he never knew that his last few seconds were ticking away. I released my arrow and much to my dismay the arrow found his lower front leg, not quite where I had intended to stick him. A little hair, small drip here and there of blood and no deer for the freezer after a relentless search.

I was bummed, we depend heavily on deer meat here, but I was relieved the hit was superficial and other then a scar he should be fine, unless he gives me a chance to redeem myself in the coming weeks.'s Harlen Foley at Gunsite's Harlen Foley at Gunsite
Propper is known for tactical & military gear. What better chance than to sport Propper gear at than at the Yamaha 2013 Rhino & Grizzly Tactical ATV & SxS media intro at world renowned Gunsite gun defense training facility in Prescott, AZ.'s Harlen Foley wore the Proper A-TACS AU pattern gear while shooting a Ruger SR-556 rifle & SR-9c Pistol on the three day intro at Gunsite

The fact remains though that picking the right pattern is key to getting close. Propper offers the same overall pattern with more green in it that should work well when it is needed as well as more choices for you to choose from. The color of camouflage to me is more important then the overall pattern but when the two factors work together you have a winner. 

Propper Tacticle / Military / Hunting Gear
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